Friday, May 16, 2014

A bit of Nature to share

No crafting projects to show today but I thought I would share a bit of nature.

Yesterday I went out into the side yard to pick some Lily of the Valley that I have growing in abundance.

Here are the few I got because......

 as I was picking them I suddenly heard a loud complaint and fluttering from a bird above my head..... I looked up and realized there must be a nest in the Rhododendron bush the lilies are under.

Yep,  here is a picture of the nest.  I quickly took the picture and got away so as not to disturb the momma bird any more.   Because the bush is next to our glassed in porch I went inside later and looked out at the bush, saw the nest and the momma sitting there.

The real reason for this story is because overnight we had a heavy rain and wind storm come in and I wondered how the momma was doing.  I peeked out the window again and saw her hunkered down, being pelted with rain.  I felt bad for her but if I had tried to give shelter to the area she would have been even more upset I am sure.  I am hopeful she will continue to be able to do her job.

This final picture shows some of the branches that came down in our backyard over night.  It was a hard storm....  Glad it didn't hit anything important on the way down.  Just a bit of cleanup tomorrow unless we get more.  You can click on picture to see it better.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

a simple tea


  A Simple Tea Today....................
My tea party today is made up of things that you could put on a tray and take anywhere.  Out on the deck, out in the yard or just onto the dining room table.  To me it doesn't matter "where" you have tea. Just that you have it!

Sometimes it is nice to just have a simple tea, with a few tiny cupcakes to add some sweetness.

Today I have chosen a Royal Albert flower Cup and Saucer.  Don't know the name but it is so pretty.

And here is the mark

Next I used this pretty Paragon plate to hold the dainty little cupcakes....
 and the mark.....
To add to the tea table I have added this tea bag holder
 And some Earl Gray Tea........ Always my favorite...........

And I found this cute little trinket holder to add to the fun.  Although she was made to hold trinkets I don't see why she couldn't have a bit of sugar since this is really just a tea for one..........

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