Thursday, May 22, 2008

A New Obsession

Since it won't stop raining I have been saying away from my gardening, and have found a new obsession. I have always loved and collected dolls. But none quite like this one.
She is Ellowyne Wilde, a newly created doll from Wilde Imagination. Her biggest problem in life is that she suffers from "ennui." And each outfit and doll has a story to fit the mood.
Here is Ellowyne in her Pale Memories outfit. I found this plump chair at a local flea market.

Another Ellowynne is currently wearing her "Highland Lows." I found another chair for her at the same flea market. I think she looks perfect in it.

And the final picture today is of Ellowyne's best friend, Prudence Moody.
She seems to like wild colors and if you look closely you will see streaks of
pink in her hair. She knows how to have fun.

If you don't already know these dolls and their stories you should visit the Wilde Imagination website. Or better still join our yahoo groups to celebrate Ellowyne and friends.