Saturday, December 12, 2009

6 Word Saturday


Reason for the Season, the Nativity

When my brother and sister and I were kids we would put up a nativity scene using Lincoln Logs as the manger and figures that had been collected over the years. Now, I do the it a bit differently. I have been collecting up creche scenes from various sources and they are set up in the Living Room at Christmas.

Here are a few of them that I have already put up in the house.

The first one shows two completely different kinds. The one on the left I got from a German "scrap" store called D.Blumchen. The small white porcelain one was from the Red Rose Tea website. It was made by the Wade Porcelain Company. You may be familiar with the tiny figurines that come in boxes of Red Rose Tea. They are made by the same company.

There are two more nativity scenes in the picture below. The one on the left is from 10 Thousand Villages. It is made from very thin wood. The one on the right is from D.Blumchen.

The next is a Nativity Pop up book. There are six different scenes in the book. I really like pop up books and have a collection of them as well. I am pretty sure I got this from Amazon but have had it for quite a while.
In the final picture the creche on the left is from D. Blumchen and the one on the right is from 10 Thousand Villages. It is a fold up book and doesn't seem to want to open too widely but if you were here you could pick it up and see it better.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Giving the tree the trim

I finally got the Christmas tree up. Actually to tell the truth it is a new artificial one. When I went to put up the old one I realized the stand was missing. I tried to buy a new stand but it was too big. SO.... I broke down and got a new tree. It is actually nicer looking than the old one because it has the tiny lights on it and there is more space to show off all my ornaments.

The ornaments are only ones that I have made or have been given to me as an exchange or a gift. AND a couple I bought cause they were so appropriate. I just found more ornaments I had made this year and must get them up on the tree but the pictures are already taken last night. So those are the ones that I will show.

A few of my prize ornaments are ones that I have received from my wonderful needlework friends. We have an exchange every year. This group is one I got involved with many years ago on prodigy. (in the early 90s I think.) This great group has grown a bit over the years and unfortunately we have three members over the years but they are still remembered. The group and this exchange is going strong. The great thing is that each of us have met several of the members of the group. And since the group has been going so long we really do know each other.

The above 4 ornaments are ones I have received in the exchange from Vicky, Heidi, Fran and Joanie.

The line in the title of this blog is from one of my favorite Christmas Songs. Mistletoe and Holly sung by Frank Sinatra. Here is a link so you can hear the song.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Artful Thursday

I signed on for another group of art projects. This one called the 12 days of Christmas. Here is the first project. The photo does not do it justice but you get the idea.

I have a feeeling I will be doing a lot of the projects for NEXT Christmas as things keep getting in the way. But I got one done.

Check back tomorrow to see my Christmas tree. I finally got it up last night. It is small but pretty.

Winter Wonderland

We got quite a snowstorm a couple of days ago. It is pretty much all gone now. But if you click on the video below you can see some of the pictures I took that day.

One thing though, I haven't figured out to make the program END the picture show. So after you have seen all the pictures once, or twice if you are a real glutton for punishment, then click it off.
I will figure it out the next time.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Mini Monday

I may not have decorated my real life house for Christmas yet but my doll house is decorated. At least the living room is ready. I had been working hard to get the room finished and decided I might as well go all the way.......

The tree needs some ornaments and a few more packages under it. But that will be my fun for the week.

The mirror was a wonderful new addition to the room. My good friend Sally from GSOLFOT sent it to me for the perfect finishing touch on the room.
For those who must know..... the poinsettia plant next to the couch was created by using a wooden vase with a poinsettia earring part. They were clipons so I would never wear them, SO I might as well use them for something wonderful in my doll house. There is another one somewhere up in my studio but I haven't found it yet. Click on the picture to see it better.