Saturday, March 11, 2017

Away go the magazines...

 So yesterday it snowed again.  Just when we were hoping spring was on its way.   We just had a week of lovely warm weather.  The grass was greening up and my daffodils are ready to bloom.  Now the weather gurus say we are going to have another week of winter...........    I guess Punxatawny Phil, that rascally ground hog, was right.   SIGH......

 No new crafty projects to share with you today.  I am continuing on with my 30days of lists.  It is actually helping me to use up some of my stash of papers and also those list list pads that keep accumulating.     Here is a collage of 5 of the days that I have completed so far.  Nothing fancy....  But I am doing it and it feels good.... Isn't that part of why we do this stuff.

 I started the new year in a mood to declutter again.  Don't we always.   I did quite a bit in a couple of rooms and realized my craft room was actually the worst.    I decided I have kept WAY too many magazines.  Time to declutter them.  The first part of that is to get rid of Somerset Studios and other magazines of that type.  I thought about selling them on ebay but they don't get enough to make it worth it.  SO.....  I started to rip out the articles I wanted to keep... and toss the remains.  

I found  65 magazines (from over 12 years) that I needed to get rid of....    They are equal to 2:inches wide for 6 issues.  So the depth of all of them is a bit over 21 inches.  I reduced that space to 3 1/2 inches when I put them into file folders.  And that includes the folders....   So while it may sound   "nit picky"  it gave me a goal.  I had all the magazines in magazine holders on a couple of shelves and including the holders it took u a LOT of space.  Now that the articles are in folders they really only take up about the width of one of the holders.  So I can use the shelves to put boxes of sorted fabrics, up off the floor.  Makes sense to me.  Unfortunately I still have a long way to go.

Enough for this week.  Be sure to check in next Tuesday when I join the Tea Cup Tuesday crowd.  I have a very cute Tea Cup craft to share.   And will probably include some St. Patrick's day tea things as well.

And next Friday I am going to share the new and interesting crafting item I received for Christmas.

Monday, March 6, 2017

A Crafty Tea Cup Tuesday

Several of my Tea Cup Tuesday followers found out I was back posting on my blog. And wanted to know when I would post on Tea Cup Tuesday again.  While I am mostly showing my various paper type projects, a bit of quilting from time to time and other crafts projects, I don't want to disappoint my "fans" so I will try to do a Tea Cup Tuesday post every so often.

Today I am showing you how I made a candle holder out of a teacup and saucer.  The saucer had a big crack in it so I would not use it for having tea.  But I didn't want to throw it away. It is too pretty. So here is what I did to it.

  Here is the pretty little cup and saucer I didn't want to throw away.

 Here are the pieces separated.     Add some glue to the base of the teacup and turn it over to attach to the bottom of the saucer.  You need them glued together so they don't topple over and cause disaster if the candle is lit.

And now they are joined.

Add a candle and you have a lovely start of a centerpiece for your tea table.  Perhaps you can add some flowers as well.

For those of you visiting from Tea Cup Tuesday I hope you will come back to see me again.  I am trying to post every Thursday and Monday  though  I may be a day later from time to time.  I enjoy doing many crafty things and I have an antique shop where I sell lots of tea cups so I have plenty to show you.

  Since I have been away for awhile I may be missing some tea parties out there.  If I am please let me know so I can add them to my list.....

     I will be joining with the following Tea Parties and blog parties on the days they publish.   Some are on different days of the week so my listings will show up then.  And some may not be available every week.  Be sure to check.

Hope you will visit them too.