Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Quilting I will go.........

While we were at the Bluegrass festival last week I managed to sneak away to visit a couple of quilt shops.  I am always on the look out for interesting fabrics and finds.

The first shop I visited was called Mary Lee's and it was located in Belleville, Pa, just a few miles down the road from where the festival was held.  They sold a lot of fabric that is no doubt bought by the mennonite ladies in the area because I saw a number of them in the shop purchasing fabric AND in one area of the shop I noticed a lot of the fabric that looked like what I see them wearing.

Here are a few pictures from the shop.  They had a lot of nice fabrics.

The next shop I visited from called Bucanans Fabrics and Quilts and it was located on the same road, a few miles farther along in the little village of Menno, PA. (although the mailing address is apparently Belleville, Pa)

One of my recent favorite things to do is to applique with wool and this shop had a fantastic selection of wool.  Best I have seen anywhere! They had it in small pieces, fat quarters and larger.  I managed to find quite a few items to buy from this section!
They also had a lot of other fabrics including some I had never seen anywhere else.  One lady was buying a number of different fabics with rural scenes. She makes applique quilts using cutouts from this kind of fabric. Would have been interesting to see the results.  I also liked the selection of fat quarters from regular fabric and managed to bring home a "few".

  So if you ever are in central Pennsylvania and need to find a quilt shop I can definitely recommend these two.  Come back and see me again on Tuesday for the next installment of Teacup Tuesday.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday mixed with some flea market finds.

This week I will just be doing a quick tea cup entry.  My husband and I spent most of last week away from home camping at a Bluegrass Festival.  I did NATURALLY find a few tea cups but not nearly as many as I usually find.  I found other interesting things though and I will share a few here.

I found these tea cups at a flea market in Belleville, Pennsylvania. 

Didn't dare turn them upside down for pictures.  But wanted to show them.  And following the teacups are some sugar and creamers I found at another table.  Mostly it just shows there are tea cups everywhere and all different!

After my disappointment at not finding many cups and saucers I decided to take pics of a few of the other things I found.  I actually went to two different flea markets.  The first is just a regular flea market that is held every Wednesday in Reedsville, PA.  All types of items for sale.
Here are a couple of the pictures of things I saw.
 I always look at Rusty things for my rust garden.  I didn't buy any of these pumps but I thought they were all good ones.
 In this picture you can see some windows, (without glass) that some one has decorated with dried flowers.  I suppose you could just hang them as they are, or put pictures in the different frames.
  Next I found these benches made by a local Amish man.  I bought a couple of them to have for sale in my shop unless I decide I "need" to keep them. 
 And then I found this basket filled with hens and chicks.  I am going to keep that item.  Doesn't it look nice on the little bench.  Maybe I will keep this small one. 
And here is a cupboard also made by the same Amish man.  It is made out of shutters I think.
The next flea market we went to was located in Belleville, Pa. A few miles down the road from Reedsville.
This was a regular flea market but also a farm market.  There was an auction of vegetables, small farm animals and although I didn't see it I imagine there was also an auction of larger animals.

 This market was heavily attended by Amish folks.  They were buying and selling.  There were horse and buggies everywhere there was a free space for them.
One booth had a lot of dried flowers.  I bought my self a large bunch and will find somewhere to display them.  Maybe in the house, maybe in my shop.
I met a lovely lady at this market who sells primitive crafts she makes.  She is there every week she said.  She used to have a shop but now just sells at the sales.  I enjoyed talking with her.  She gave me good advice on quilt shops and a place to eat as well.

Here are a couple of pictures of her tables.  She allowed me to take the pictures.

     If you ever get to the Belleville, PA market be sure to look for her.

And that is my Tea Cup Tuesday report this week.  A bit different but it was a bit of a different day. Check back in a couple days to see the quilt shops I was able to visit.

Meanwhile Thanks for visiting my site today.......

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