Friday, October 5, 2012

Flower Fabric Friday with some Flea Market Fun thrown in!

 Welcome to another Fabric Flower Friday.  This week will be a bit different.  I will show a couple of fabric flowers but mostly I wanted to show some pictures from our favorite flea market in Leesport, PA.  It may be our last visit for the season... or not.... with weather here you just never know.  And the indoor part is always open.

Before I do that, here is what I did with one of the flowers I made last week.  I made this journal, used the word journal from the fabric which I used to make the flower, added some brown felt behind it and then added the flower from the French fabric.  Don't know what I will do with it yet.  But it is ready!

While at the flea market I came upon a couple of fabric flowers which I decided will be featured this week.  It is my blog, I can do that, right?..  LOL
The flowers were probably sold retail somewhere. No telling where they were made but they look to be a quick and easy project if you want to make them.  They are made of painted canvas, glued together with some puffiness under the center and placed on a stick. Each of those petals are separate so you can adjust them.   I then put them in bottles I keep in my kitchen window that also have primitive stars hanging around their necks.  (They also came from the Leesport Flea Market a while ago.) 
These might be cute if you put little faces on them.

And now to the flea market itself.  We went later in the day than normal because the weather was not too great early.  But it got better and better.  
One of the first places I always head at the flea market is to the Old Glory Coffee and Bagle Co.  They have the best coffee and because I go so often they even know some of my favorite mixed coffees.  I buy coffee beans there too.  And my husband and I have been know to share one of her dessert goodies, like the yummy carrot cake. Their other speciality is Bagels!

                               We usually look for items to sell in our shop at this market but this visit was mostly for all the great Veggies and I bought some plants as well.   This first picture shows a couple of new, or fairly new hybrid echinacea.  I bought one of each!
 This next picture was at the same vendor.  I thought everything he has was great looking.  I did buy a Sedum plant that is shown in the lower left hand corner.  It will go up in my rust garden I imagine.
 We enjoyed seeing all the fruit and vegetables in the produce section.  
We bought so much the fridge is now overflowing,  

 So many choices!
 Aren't the cauliflowers pretty.
And there were a LOT of gourds and pumpkins.

These last two pictures were taken at a primitive decor vendor I like to visit at this flea market.

Don't you love the look of dried flowers and baskets. 

So that is the end of this weeks sort of different fabric flower Friday.  I have two flower projects in the works so check back next week.
AND......  while at the flea market I did buy two teacups and saucers that I will be featuring on Tea Cup Tuesday over the next two weeks.  See you then.

Monday, October 1, 2012

First Teacup Tuesday in October

 Fall is moving right along.  The trees are slowly beginning to turn and the nights are cooler.  I am enjoying the better days.  To bring the fall spirit into the house I made up this little centerpiece from a fancy alum bowl I found out in my antique shop and some other things I found around the house including the glass cloche.  This glass cloche was a top from a cheese board.  Never used it for that.  I did use it over a miniature scene once in the past.
This idea is not an original with me by any means.  I found the idea  on a favorite blog I read....  Very Merry Vintage Style....   click here to see her many neat ideas!
 This picture shows how I placed the fall looking items in the base.

 And this next picture shows it with the candle in a small white bowl.
That is how I would use it if I was burning the candle.  But when not burning I would leave out the bowl.

For Tea Cup Tuesday this week I found this Spode plate to use to get in the mood for fall.  And placed it next to some Chinese Lanterns from my garden. 

For the cup and saucer this week I selected this one from Royal Vale,  I couldn't find a pattern name anywhere.  But I like the colors for fall.

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AND, check back on Friday.  I have a series of posts" about making fabric flowers.  Don't know how many weeks it will go but this will be the third week and I  will be working on more soon.