Monday, December 28, 2015

As the year winds down...........


As I sit here writing my post today I realize I have been at this Tea Cup Tuesday thing for quite a while.   I have shown almost all of my personal tea cups and many that I have had or still have out in my antique shop.  And have shown many things I have found at flea markets and other antique shops.

Today I decided I would show you a couple of my FAVORITE cup and saucers.  There are ones I still own.  And will NOT put out in my shop.

I think the reason I love these is because they are not your standard fare.  They are both Royal Albert because that maker will no doubt ALWAYS be my favorite.  And they are primarily black which really makes the designs on them pop.

These are two in a series.  I MUST find more.... maybe when I get back to Canada this year I will find some more.

Without further ado.......... here they are.  Two of the Provincial Flowers of Canada series from Royal Albert.  On the left in the Violet representing New Brunswick and on the right is the pitcher plant representing Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Violet will always be one of my favorite flowers and so this cup and saucer set gets to go first.

This is the information that is shown on the Royal Albert website about this design..............

New Brunswick -The purple violet (Viola cucullata) is a perennial which flowers from May through July. It is stemless, with leaves and flower stocks growing directly from rootstocks.  The flowers of the purple violet have been used in jams and syrups, and are supposed to have properties to soothe the digestive tract and suppress a cough. The flower was adopted as the New Brunswick  floral emblem in 1936, at the request of the provincial Women's Institute. 

 This pretty little flower is featured inside the rim of the tea cup as a little bonus.
 And here is the Mark.

The other set I own if the Pitcher Plant  and here is the information on that one.........

Newfoundland and Labrador - Although it was not declared the provincial flower of Newfoundland and Labrador until 1954, this strange plant appeared on the Newfoundland penny during the late 1880s. The pitcher plant is found primarily in bogs and marshland throughout the province. It has a large wine-red flower with a red and gold centre, and hollow pitcher-shaped leaves are attached to the base of the stem. An insectivorous plant, it feeds off the insects that become trapped inside when the leaves fill with water.   

                                         And here is the pretty little surprise inside the cup. 

                                                              And this is the mark.
I have spent a LOT of time in New Brunswick because we have so much family there and also because we enjoy going there.  I have never been to Newfoundland.  Maybe, someday.......

I hope you will all visit me again next week.  You just never know what I will be showing.  Or talking about.

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