Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A New Year's Resolution that almost wasn"t

I always say I will NOT make a New Year's Resolution and this year was no different. BUT somehow, in spite of that apparently I make one I didn't even know about....... DECLUTTERING.
One day a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to clean up my work areas in my studio. And for three days I worked on it in between regular things I had to do.

Then on the days my shop is open, I can't be up in my studio so I decided maybe I should be working on area of clutter where I can still see if someone comes into my shop. That meant it had to be downstairs.

And then a couple of days ago I realized I am really decluttering.... and can't seem to stop.

I have taken copious amounts of bags to Salvation Army..... clothes I barely remember owning nevermind wearing. Shredded and Shredded and Shredded business papers no longer needed.
And filled trashbags for the trash man. Taken tons of magazines to the recycling station, and I now actually have a few horizontal spaces in my house that are BARE!!!!! But I still have loads to do.

I can't believe how determined I am. Must be cause I DIDN'T make a resolution. I just started doing it. I imagine I will still be at it for another couple of months since I haven't even befun to consider what is up in the attic, in our spare bedroom and in my shop.


They say if you do something often enough it becomes a habit. Hope this is what is happening.