Monday, November 3, 2014

My new Zinnia tea set

Watching the news and seeing all the snow pictures from this past weekend brings back memories of when we lived in Maine.  I don't miss it but do remember how much I enjoyed the mornings after a big snowfall.  It would be so quiet outside except for the snow plows off in the distance and everything was so clean looking. But right now I am happy to look outside and still see some pretty leaves on the trees!  And no doubt we will have our own snow soon enough.

The best news for me right now is that I am possibly getting my cast off tomorrow.  That will be a happy day!   I will report on that in my post next week.


I found this set while visiting our favorite flea market.  It is a service for 12. And very complete. All sorts of serving pieces as well as the requisite place setting pieces.  This little tea party I am showing here uses just a few of the pieces   This particular pattern is called Sculptured Zinnia because the flowers are raised.  It is from Metlox Pottery... the Poppytrail Division.

Metlox Pottery was a California pottery.  You can read more about it at this site..

Sculptured Zinnia from 1964

Here I am using the salad plate to serve these tasty little blueberry strudel bites.  These are made by the bakery at our local Giant grocery store.  They do them in other fruits such as apple and raspberry but I like these the best.

And this is the mark on my plates. 

I did get a service for 12 but do not need that much.  So I imagine I will be selling some of the extra place settings  in my shop.  But for now I am enjoying  using at least some of it.

I have joined with the following Tea Cup Tuesday Tea Parties.

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Hope you will visit them too.