Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grow Your Blog

Welcome to my blog this week for GROW YOUR BLOG.  I participated last year and loved it so I am back again....  If you have a blog and haven't done this be sure to consider it for next year.  You can usually sign up in November or December at Vicki's Blog.

If you read back on some of my blog posts you will discover I participate "almost" weekly in  a blog party called Tea Cup Tuesday.  Those of us who love tea and tea cups share something every week.  There are folks from all over the world participating. You will occasionally find recipes there too.
Here is an example of a picture from a post I did awhile back.

This first tea cup is a pretty little hand painted set featuring Earl Grey  and I am showing it with some blueberry scones.   After living in Maine for many years I have grown to love the wild Maine blueberries which I find to be sweeter than the kind we can get in the stores.  I always bring some back when we travel to Maine.
I used to make doll houses and love miniatures....  here is a little set I used as part of Tea Cup Tuesday one week.


Beyond my fondness for Tea and Teacups, I do quilting, paper arts and art journaling, cross stitch and embroidery.     I have all sorts of hobbies and work on them according to my current mood and the weather..........  I do gardening in the summer. I usually do quilting in the winter.  The others can vary. I own an antique shop and my husband and I often travel to visit flea markets and antique shows to purchase new stock.  I usually report on what I find when we attend one.  So check in often because you never know what you might find.  My husband is restoring an Antique 1929 Model A Ford Truck so don't be surprised if I talk about going to car shows every once in awhile.

I am supposed to be retired now....  (I worked at a tv station in Maine for many years)  But opened my antique shop and have been busy every since.   No time to retire just yet.

I like to work with wool and felt  and here is a little pillow I made using wool felt and buttons from my "button" box.  


  Here is a quilt I made for my daughter last year.  She is a coffee lover so that is the theme.
  This next quilt is actually a table topper to use at Christmas time.

And this is a Winter Wall hanging I started in 2013 and finally finished in 2014 just in time for the holidays.

This is a journal I made in a class called Journal Journey.     I also belong to a couple of groups on Facebook doing journals.  If you are feeling the urge to learn to journal there are lots of on line opportunities... some free... some with a modest cost.  Some a good bit more because they offer supplies and extensive help. 


So you see my interests are varied and quite eclectic...............  I stay busy.................
Because we live in  a semi rural area we are often visited by wildlife of one type or another, deer, raccoons, and even an occasional bear.   I like to show pictures of some of the visitors.
Most recently I took this picture of some deer that had come by at dusk.  I took a picture with my flash and because I was on the porch it didn't light up as well as if I had been closer. However I liked the way it turned out.  As I stood on the edge of my porch the mama deer went very still and looked right at me.  The young ones kept right on eating....   You can tell all this by how the flash illuminated their eyes!

That is a general overview of my blog.  I hope you find something you can enjoy. And that you will become a follower.  I love it when you sign my guest book too.

If you have any specific comments you can email me directly
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I hope you will come back and visit me in the near future!!!




Monday, January 19, 2015

Memory Lane

 I posted this set of dishes awhile ago but I wanted to share again cause I really love it.  I always think of Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage when ever I see Red and White transfer-ware.  So this one is for you Sandi.

 The name of the pattern is Memory lane by Royal China, Inc. from Sebring Ohio.
Most transfer-ware I see is made in England so it is especially nice to see one made in the U.S.

I was lucky enough to have a pretty full set of it for sale in my shop.  But on Sunday of this past weekend someone came in and bought it.  Actually in the morning someone else had looked at it and said she might be back and then a couple hours later it was sold to someone else.  I guess when it is ready to go it is ready to go.
       Since I already had this post prepared I am going on ahead and showing it to you.     Here are a couple of the various pieces up close.  It is such a pretty set.

And while I am thinking of Sandi.....   She lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  It is a place I have been fortunate enough to travel to and loved every minute of it.  But that story is for another day.  Because I have family in New Brunswick we often go to Canada.... and while there I made a wonderful discovery of this special tea.  Now, we can purchase Tetley tea here in the US but NOT this special blend.......     Earl Gray Vanilla. (at least I can't find it in any grocery stores near me and believe me, I HAVE LOOKED.)    No doubt about it, it is my favorite tea.  When we go up to visit I ALWAYS purchase a couple of tins of it to bring home... and to savor on special occasions or even just because.  Here is the tin.  I am showing both sides since in a lot of Canada they put both French and English labels on their products. 

If you like Earl Grey and you like vanilla you should try this if you get a chance.  I personally think it is very special. If you can't find it in your store maybe you can add some of the vanilla flavoring to the tea bag and let it soak in before adding to the hot water.  This is "ONLY" a possible suggestion.  I have not needed to try it myself.

  Be sure to visit Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage the week of Jan. 26th for her special anniversary party when participants will be choosing and showing their favorite tea cup or teapot.  I am having a very hard time deciding at the moment.

Here are the tea parties I will be joining this week.  Hope you will visit them too.

Remember, these may not be available every week so check to be sure.