Friday, April 14, 2017

Liberate Your Art

I missed a week or so because I was in the midst of several projects around the house and just couldn't seem to sit down and write something.

And then a big SWAP in which I was participating came to a close and part of the deal was to blog about it if I had a blog so HERE I AM.

Liberate Your Art is a big swap started awhile ago by one of my favorite on line artists... Kat Sloma.
The deal is, you send 5 postcards to her and you will get 5 back plus one from her. (And they are to be copies, not the originals.  Some are collage, others drawn and others photographs.  You never know and they can come from all over.  

My postcards were some photographs I took awhile back.  They were, as I tell folks, taken in one of those serendipitous moments.   I was getting in my car to run errands and about to turn on the windshield wipers when I realized what a lovely picture mother nature had provided for me....   Since I always carry my camera with me I was able to take a picture or two of this lovely surprise.  I have to admit I hated to run the windshield wiper and erase the lovely picture.  But errands had to be run so I did it.

Here is the result.

I love this kind of swap because, while it doesn't take a whole lot of time, you get immense rewards,  I have also participated in a number of post card swaps with Lisa Vollrath.  So many in fact that I now have a notebook filled with those results.  And I added these new ones to that book...........

 You can check out and possibly join with Lisa's group at this link.....  I can't find a link for a current swap but if you get on her mailing list you will no doubt learn about future ones. I should mention that her artwork can be unusual!

 I am sure there are other swaps out there.  I just don't know about them "yet"....

SO here is the picture I promised of all the postcards I received.  Some drawn or painted, a collage, and some photographs.  A wonderful mix.  I am so glad I participated.

And here is a link to see what this is all about and what folks participated this year..........
LIBERATE YOUR ART.  Check it out.

I hope you will come back to visit my blog.  I write about Tea Cups, art and crafting I do, and what ever else that seems important at the time.