Thursday, February 24, 2011

Catching up

How is it  that we have such great intentions when starting a blog. But then life keeps getting in the way.  Have been fairly busy this week but not much exciting.

We did start of the week on Sunday by attending the annual Daytona Watching Party at out neighbors.  We figure we have been going for 11 years now.

We always take a cake to contribute, though this year we also took some of my yummy onion clusters.
My husbands favorite driver is Kyle Busch (probably my least favorite one) so when he ordered the cake this year he had them feature Kyle's M and Ms car.
The race was pretty boring actually until the last couple of minutes when very young Trevor Bayne won.  He is just turned 20!    The good news was that my favorite driver, Carl Edwards, came in second!

We got another blast of winter Sunday night.  About 6 inches this time.  The scenes outside were pretty but it was sort of sad since we had finally gotten to bare ground.
 So now we just sit and wait for Spring, or our trip to the Nascar Race in Bristol, TN.  depending on which comes first.   Hope we don't have to dig the camper out of the snow so we can get it ready.  We have had to do that in the past unfortunately.  But it is so worth it to us.