Sunday, March 1, 2009

NAPKINS don't have to be paper

While reading one of my favorite blogs I found an article she had done on Napkins and how she had given up using paper napkins as being wasteful, expensive and not green.

Well in my family, or at least at my house, we don't use paper napkins. Haven't in years so I guess we were green before it was in "in" word. I could and maybe will write other notes in the future about doing things green before it was in.

This is the response I made to that blog article..... I decided it was easier to copy and paste than to rewrite it......

"Back in the 70s I decided paper napkins were very wasteful. So I started using cloth napkins. I bought some rayon linen in several colors and cut out 12 inches squares. I sewed a line 3/4 inches from the edge and then fringed the edges. I actually still have some of them. I had a brownie troop back in those days and I had the girls each fringe a napkin I had already prepared. They loved doing the fringing and I saved a lot of money for the troop by not having to buy paper napkins. They liked having their own napkins too…. It is no big deal to throw them in a wash load. And with the rayon linen I never have to iron."

I have added homespun type napkins in various colors, to better match the dishes we use now.

I just don't think there is need for paper napkins, even in a picnic basket. They are easy to clean, easy to store..... You don't need space for a huge package of paper ones.... I keep mine in a small basket near the table.

Just my thoughts for today.