Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Colors of Spring

This has to be the best spring ever. I can't remember ever being so thankful and enjoying it so much. It wasn't an awful winter but seemed long and dreary. Even this persistent little violet was anxious to see the spring.

So I have started making plans for gardening. I had hand surgery a couple
of weeks ago so still have to be careful but am itching to get out there.

I love violets and am enjoying them in my yard. They are such a pretty color
and even look good with the "dreaded" dandelions.

Another thing I love about spring is hearing all the birds. We have a number of bird feeders around the yard so we can enjoy them all summer and even some in the winter. Our most prolific bird is the Gold Finch. In the winter they are still here in their winter drab coats but of they are so pretty when they turn that lovely yellow. And doesn't this one look nice with a backdrop of apple blossoms.