Monday, March 9, 2015

Bring On Spring.... and more miniatures

I am so happy to be able to report this week that there is actually some melting going on outside.  The sun is shining, high in the ski, and with our  somewhat warmer temps, melting is slowly taking place.  Don't want it to be too fast since that would cause flooding which unfortunately is ALWAYS a danger in our area.

We have birds here all year long but it seems to me that as spring arrives more birds begin arriving and it is so nice to hear all the bird songs outside as if they are heralding the arrival of Spring.  And now that we are in daylight saving time and getting more light at the end of the day it is helpful and pleasing.

As I promised last week I am showing you a couple of my "mini" tea sets.   And in addition here is an Avon Figurine of little Teddy Bears having a tea party!

 I love all the detail they can get in these things made with Resin, although it will never be in the same class as the porcelain figurines made in England!

And here are two little Resin tea sets.

The first one is a Pansy tea set.  Since Pansies are no doubt my favorite flower I had to have this little set!

And here is my final set for this week.  It is a Woodland Setting.

Lots of fun even if they don't hold much tea.............

Next week I will be doing something special for St. Patrick's Day so be sure to come back for that and in two weeks to see a few more miniatures. 

Meanwhile, be sure to check out all of the other tea parties going on around blogland.

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