Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Lot of Art Has Been Liberated

The wonderful yearly swap of postcards from around the world has come to an end though the enjoyment of all that art will continue.

I have done this swap for a couple of years now and it just gets better and better.

Called LIBERATE YOUR ART, the swap is run by Kat Sloma from Kat's Eye Studio.

 The first postcard is the one I sent.  With this really long winter we are having it seems appropriate.  It is a collage I did awhile back.

The next one came from Chris Lally.  She added the quote...
"The unexpected connection is more powerful than one that is obvious"  Heraclitus

Next up is this cute kitty from Sharon Lane with the quote...
"The Smallest feline is a masterpiece."    Da Vinci
As someone with a houseful of cats (3) I can appreciate this.

 Jane Ross sent this next card featuring LILIES!!  Offering me hope that Spring and Summer are on their way...  As she said on the card....   "Making art brings sunshine to any gloomy day."

Lisa Compary sent this almost dreamlike photo with the words.... Follow Your Heart.

Heidrun Siebeneicker sent the next card to me from Germany.  The card features copies of her very own Childhood Drawings. How fortunate for her to still have them.

And last but most certainly not least is the card I received from our wonderful hostess...  Kat Sloma.
   She wrote  "Creativity Takes Courage"  by Henri Matisse.

And so another year of swaps is over.  Already looking forward to the next one.

 If you visit Kat's Blog   over the next few days, you will find links to many of the blogs written by the artists involved in the LYA swap. You will also find a video of around 70 of the cards that were sent out.  And if you weren't involved I hope you will wish to join in next year.