Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday

 Tea Cup Tuesday

Here I am with my 4th Tea Cup Tuesday entry.  Last week I told you I had purchased two tea cups when I went to New Brunswick.  Here is the second one.

If you look closely you may notice that this one is very similar to one of the violet teacups I showed a couple of weeks ago. They are both part of a series of Canadian Provincial Flowers.  The violet one, two weeks ago represented New Brunswick.  The one this week is the provincial flower of  Newfoundland and LabradorIt is the Pitcher Plant.  Lovely don't you think.    

It is another Royal Albert tea cup.  I like a number of different brands of the bone china tea cups but Royal Albert is definitely my favorite. 

 Here is a link to more information on the provincial flowers of Canada.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Other peoples gardens inspire me.

We have been home from our travels for a few days and are slowly seeing life get back to normal.  The car is still fully unpacked however.  But we will get to it.

Meanwhile, going back over all the pictures I took along the way I found that after pictures at the various flea markets, the next most popular pictures were taken in gardens of the friends and family we visited and stayed

The pictures are from three different gardens. The first one was in a garden in Gloucester, Mass..  I loved the ceramic mushrooms.
The next two were in Maine.

And the final two were taken in New Brunswick, Canada
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  They have given me some ideas.