Monday, March 2, 2015

A Miniature Look at Tea Things

It seems to me that Tea Cup Tuesdays keep coming faster and faster.  Time is really flying.  Here we are at the first Tuesday in March already.  Wasn't it just Christmas a couple of weeks ago.

We aren't sorry it is March... that means PERHAPS Spring will be here soon.  We just had the third coldest February in history here in my area.  I don't know about how much snow.  Normally snow comes and goes often over our winters.  This year it has been too cold to even melt a little bit.  So we are hopeful............ what else can we be.................

For the next few weeks I plan to to bring back some of my past posts but re-edit them a bit.   We have so many new visitors I wanted to share some of this.

I collect a lot of miniature teapots, tea cups and tea sets so for the next couple of weeks I will share what I have.  If you love teacups, saucers and teapots but don't have room for a huge amount here is a way to collect them that won't take up so much room.

I have found them in various places but the majority seem to have come from the big Sussex Flea Market in Sussex, New Brunswick.  I generally find at least one new one there every year.

To begin I will show a few of the little tea pots that were included in Red Rose Tea in Canada, at least for awhile.  I never got any in tea myself and they never seem to have given them in the US tea. These were ones that I came across in Canada, at the flea market I mentioned above.

I personally like them better than the little tea animals they give out now.  But of course they never asked me.  I am sure there were more.  These are just the ones I have found for my collection. These tea pots don't open up.  They are about 1 and 1/2 inches tall and about 2 and 1/2 inches wide. I plan to continue searching for more in the future.

The next two little tea pots feature cats which are favorites in this house since we have three cats!
The yellow pot on the right is about 3 inches tall.  We have two black and white kitties that are similar to these.   I am hopeful to find more of these. They were made in China so are new.  They came from a booth at the flea market that sell  things imported from China I think. I would prefer they were made in this part of the world but they sure are cute.

The next two tea pots are "souvenir" type.  The one on the left is from Puerto Rico.  I found it in Canada but bought it because we lived in Puerto Rico for three years back in the 70s so this seemed like a good souvenir from that time.
The teapot on the right is made to be used as a little condiment pot I suppose since it has a little spoon in it.  As you can see it says Ireland and that is appropriate since my father in law was from Ireland.

And finally I will end this weeks edition with an actual tea cup (not a real miniature but very small) for tea cup Tuesday.  This is a small set, and it is actually a souvenir from Colorado. Probably sold in a gift shop out there.  It is awfully cute with a little Pixie, trying to crawl up the side of the cup and becomes the handle.
 It is a very small set, with the saucer just three inches in diameter.

 And here is the mark from the bottom of the cup.  Made in Japan.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this part of my collection.

Be sure to stop in next week for more.  I have little tea sets I will show off.  And maybe another tea cup and saucer. 

Mean while be sure to check out the other tea parties this week......................