Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The election is over

No matter what you think about the election results I imagine most of you are just glad it is OVER. I supposed as the media gets larger and larger as a part of our lives coverage will get larger and larger. I can say that my vote ended up being the exact same thing it would have been if I had voted 3 months earlier!!! And all that money spent could have gone where it was really needed.

And the phone calls. I have NEVER hung up on so many calls in my life. I do NOT like ROBO-CALLS. I think they are an intrusion for no purpose. I hope they come up with a do not call list for them too!

Boy don't I sound curmudgeonly today.

But I sincerely hope that the new President can bring a GOOD change to our country. We need something that is for sure.

The thing I look forward to is an answer to our energy needs. I know that I wouldn't mind having solar panels on our roof or a windmill in our back yard. The price needs to come down dramatically so folks can afford to do it. I bet the oil companies don't want to hear that.

Sorry about my ramblings here...... just things I wanted to say.