Monday, March 4, 2013

More and More and More Mini Teasets

After a couple of weeks of showing mini tea cups and tea sets from my own collection I decided to go out into my shop to see what mini tea sets I had for sale.  WOW, I didn't realize I had so many.

Funny thing happened while I was checking to see what I had.  A customer came in and ended up buying THREE of the little sets.  I managed to take pictures of two of those sets before I wrapped them up AND I am adding a picture of one other I found.
And to tell the truth I have several others that I will feature in another blog post.

This first set is the traditional Blue Willow pattern, my personal favorite.  We use Blue Willow here at my house everyday.   This set was probably made in China though it doesn't say.  And I am pretty sure it is fairly new, maybe 10 years or so.  

 This second little set also didn't say who made it but also probably made in China.  I turned the cup on its side so you could more easily see the pattern.  But I also wanted you to be able to see tops of cups and saucers.

 So the above two patterns have gone to another home now. 

This third little set is one of the Resin sets that are being sold in lots of places.  Here is the picture of the set as it is placed on its tray.  And I found this cute little girl out in the shop to oversea the tea party.  She is an older one from Japan.

 And this second picture shows all the pieces set about with the tray in the back.  I thought it was neat that the tray is a Gazebo.  What a great place that would be for a tea party in real life.  The little girl looks quite pleased with it all.

Before I sign off today I want to apologize for putting up the word verification on the comments.  I don't like to do that but I was really having trouble with spamming and it was definitely wasting my time.  So for awhile you will have to do that.  I hope it won't stop you from commenting as I love to read them all!!

I hope you will also visit the other tea parties that are going on around the web today and tomorrow.  Here is the list of tea parties I will be joining.

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