Friday, January 23, 2009

The Shingles are nearly done

Here is a picture of the shingles in their almost finished state.

If you notice they are not really straight all the time.... a bit messy... I plan to age them too...... Don't want them to look all fancy and neat.... this is a cottage folks, not a mansion.

So here is the current state.... I plan to finish the roof, do the antiquing and then start adding trim this afternoon.

This has been the slowest part of the job so far. All the little fussy cuts and trying to make it look a little messy.... not that easy actually.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And the saga continues

The weather has improved a lot so I have been running errands and such and as a result my work on the doll house has slowed down a lot.
AND I have run into a couple of minor complications that sort of took the wind out of my sails at first and then just plain slowed me down.

However, I have been slowly getting the roof shingles on.... It is a VERY slow process since I have to constantly cut strange little pieces to fit where the gable joins the roof. Also ran into a bit of trouble that has since been resolved. I didn't like the way the shingles went on to the top of the roof so I thanks to a suggestion by my doll house shop lady, I added a piece of wood along the top edge to glue the shingles to. Before that, they were at a bad angle and since they were so short they stuck out wrong. This probably makes no sense to you but I did it and it works. SO... I am moving along.

The window shutters have also caused me a bit of a problem I don't really like the stencils they gave me for them so have been spending way too much time looking for something better. But so far nothing. I will keep looking though. I don't want to attach the shutters until they are complete.

I hope I have something picture worthy by the end of this day.