Monday, December 31, 2007

Snow can be beautiful

We woke up this morning to a lovely snow covered world. Now, I enjoy looking at snow, just don't like it to last too long. Today it was beautiful.
The sun is out and has started the melting process but I am enjoying it at the moment.
Here are a few shots I took earlier.
From the back porch:
The side of my garden shed:
I took a quick pic of the Atlas Cedar. It is quite pretty but I must knock the snow off soon before the branches get too heavy and break.
Happy New Year to all my friends and family.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Christmas shopping is done, my cards are mailed and today I will be mailing out the last few packages!!!!!!!!!!! So I can relax a bit and start making plans for the new year.
I will be getting a doll called Bleuette for Christmas this year. The nice thing about this doll is that she is ideal for making clothes for. So I have been collecting up patterns and yesterday I went to JoAnn fabric store and bought a variety of fabric with several projects in mind.

Here is the picture of what I bought. I hope to be able to show what I made from each once they are done. But I can't start sewing until I get the doll...... I probably like the planning stage best of all anyway so that is a good thing.

If you are curious about Bleuette you can check out this link to learn about her. If not, well, you will have to wait until I picture her here.

Monday, December 3, 2007

I actually finished a miniature project

I have finally finished a project I started a couple of years ago. It is a scene of the exterior of a Southwestern style house. I had been collecting a lot of different pieces of pottery, most from Dusty Acres Trading Post. I had wanted to find a way to display them The actual box was started by a mini friend Peg while we attended a Miniature workshop. She gave it to me cause I knew what I wanted to do with it. And because she is a GREAT friend.
Inside the window frames is a picture of the inside of a SW style house. Unfortunately I could not get a good picture of it. There is a picture frame that goes with this but it looked better to show on line without the frame. The framed room box will hang on a wall.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Winter came back

Woke up this morning to a couple of inches of snowIt was forecast this time, unlike last week.
There is rain scheduled to follow so snow may not last long but it is pretty while it is here.
Here are pictures of our back patio and my garden shed. Notice the pink flamingo still hunting for food. Also the tree behind the seats is an Atlas Cedar. One of my favorites. It is a funky looking tree with branches going everywhere. It looked nice today with snow on it.

We are thankful that all the leaves have been raked now and the poor fallen branches were picked up before the snow fell this time. Here is a picture of the leaves awaiting pickup. Our township comes by with a vaccum type thing and sucks up all the leaves. It is fun to watch.
They got here two days before this snowstorm. Thankfully!!!

I guess with snow on the ground it is probably time to start decorating for Christmas. Oh yes, and get back to my miniatures. I have been neglecting them.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Out trees were pruned without our permission

Yesterday we had our first snow of the season. Thinking it wouldn't be so bad we didn't think much more about it. HOWEVER, upon looking outside first thing this morning we thought we had entered a war zone!!!!!

Branches were down everywhere and the snow on branches, not knocked down, was thick and wet. So apparently there will be less shade next year and a lot of clean up work over the next couple of days!!

The worst of it was that the leaves weren't' even raked up yet, they are somewhere under all of this. The next couple of days are going to be "fun" around here.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Bleery eyed morning 2-1 Red Sox

Well, another nite with a late ending. We managed to stay up and listen to the "winning" end.
Hooray, the RED SOX managed to do it again.
Will miss Schilling at Fenway if this really was his last pitch. But oh what a great ride he gave us.
Bloody sock and all. At least the blood was RED on his Sock.
Now maybe we can get a good night's sleep before the next game.
Photo from The Boston Globe.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Shades of 2004.... late nights watching Red Sox baseball..... bleery eyed mornings.

But it is worth it. It is October and the Red Sox are going to the World Series.

The Boston Herald Says it best

GO SOX!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My little story book cottage doll house is nearly done.

I managed to find some time this past weekend to work on the front of the house and even started on the inside. I will have pictures of that part tomorrow. I still have to make a bench for the front yard. In the meantime I think you can see a difference from the last pictures I posted.

One problem with the work is that I am so busy watching baseball I don't get much done. I have a bit of a breather now. Go Red Sox!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Working on some swap art projects

Haven't been working on my little house for a few days. Instead I worked on some swap projects for a couple of different yahoo art groups.
I made some ATCs featuring nature and a Halloween paper doll. Can't show pictures yet since they are for swaps and I don't want to spoil the surprise. But I will post pictures after they have been received. Keep checking in.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Working off and on all day yesterday I really moved along on the landscaping. Still plenty to do but it is looking better. I can see, from the pictures, that I need touching up on some things. But that is the fun part anyway.
In these pictures you will see more of the detail. The close up shows a gazing ball I received from someone in a 1/4 scale swap. If the person who made it (or knows who made it) would let me know I will give credit. I plan on using more plants in pots and such as I move along.

Don't know that I will get so much done today. But keep checking in.

Friday, September 28, 2007

My little cottage begins landscaping.

I have finished adding the windows and doors and I have started working on the landscaping of my little cottage. So far it is going VERY SLOW. Making all those tiny little stones and working them into a stone wall and sidewalk. I am really only about half way done. But at least it is on its way. I still have to finish up painting the chimney but I will work on that when I am painting the stone walls. I have learned so many new techniques making this little house. Slowly but surely seems to be getting the job done.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

After wearing myself out gardening yesterday I spent the evening doing more work on my little Story Book Cottage. I got the chimney started. It needs some "tweeking" but it is about done. You will also notice I got more of the roof shingles done.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Even though I have been having fun making the doll house..... it is fall here... and that means garden and yard cleanup. So for the past three days I have spent time working in my gardens and yard doing fall clean up. I have left the Echinacea and Rudbeckia seed pods attached to their stems for feeding the birds. My cats sit in the window and go crazy when the birds come around to feed on the seed pods.

I was very happy to see how pretty my Sedum are this fall. I have it in several locations around the yard. It is always so nice to see it when my other plants are dying back or fading away.
One more day of good hard work and I should be ready for what ever comes our way weather wise.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I started on the shingles

I am happy to report that I actually got started on the shingles. They don't look that great at the moment but it gives you the idea. The house is supposed to look old with a saggy roof which is why the shingles are NOT going on straight. It takes longer that way too. But so far I am pleased. By doing this blog I am actually making myself keep up with this little project.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am moving along with my latest project.

During the last couple of weeks I have spent a little bit of time each day, working on my latest tiny doll house. I have finally got the basic construction done. So I will post a couple of pictures of the progress. I hope to start adding details this week.

One picture is of the front the other of the inside. As you can see no roof yet. And the chimney needs work. But it is moving along.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I have made a New Season " resolution" to finally finish up some of the projects I have staring at me from every corner of the house.

This week it is a tiny doll house from a kit created by Suzanne and Andrew Miniatures. It is just 1/4 scale so you would think I could get it done quickly. HA.... not possible. The walls, windows etc are tiny and you must go slowly to get them put together right. I am happy to say I am currently about half way through the basic construction. Then I get to do the outside roof and trim.

I will post a picture as soon as I get the basic structure done.
I decided to start this blog back in February while still recuperating from a broken shoulder but never got back to it. Here I am again. I will try to add things of interest occasionally.