Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More flowers in January

            Another Wednesday, another Fellowship of the The Flowers project.    I worked very hard yesterday to finish up the first two flowers so I could be ready for the third one.

   Here are the first two, pretty much done unless I decided to add more but I don't think so....... You can click on them to see more detail.

 Here is a picture of the two finished with the third one that has just been cut out and bonded together.  I hope to start on the stitching of the third one later this evening.

  I am getting curious about the project Michelle has planned for us to use these flowers.  I have to say, working on these small things is very relaxing compared to working on a big quilt project.

Our weather here keeps on a changing.  We had the Polar Vortex with its VERY cold temps.  That was followed by a warming phase that was pretty much a January thaw.  At the moment we have no snow on the ground and unfortunately lots of clouds and gloom.  We NEED sunshine!  I don't mind the cold, especially in Winter because I like to stay inside and do indoor projects. But sunshine would help!

 Last week I went with my husband to visit a guy that sells antique cars and parts.  I took a couple of pictures of rusty old cars I liked.  Yard Art maybe................  well probably not....... but I thought they were were funky.

                                                  I bet this one could tell some stories.

UNTIL NEXT TIME.........................

Monday, January 13, 2014

TeaCup Tuesday in Blue

While the red china I used last week  brings some warmth to a cold January Day this blue seems to sum up more of the cool days we are having.

This Tea Set is from Sadler, one of my favorite Tea Set makers from England.  The pretty red roses add cheerfulness.   And here is the mark from the Teapot.

The cup and saucer I have chosen are from Colclough China, one of my favorite companies. The lovely handpainted blue flowers add a touch of elegance.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the tea things I have chosen for this week.  Be sure to check out the other tea blogs for MORE!!!

And check in on Wednesday to see how I am progressing with Fellowship of Flowers.

Rose Chintz Cottage