Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bristol Here We Come

As Nascar fans we love to head South for the Spring Race at Bristol. To us it is the best of all the venues to watch a race. And we stay in a super campground run by a pair of our favorite people, Heather and Paul Davis.
Two years ago at the Spring Race it snowed. Last year it was sunny and in the 70s. This year the story was rain.
On Thursday night we were able to attend the Family fun night put on by the Race sponsors Food City. It wasn't as much fun as last year but we enjoyed seeing all the show cars and eating the BRATS.
On Friday we headed for the track to watch practice and hoped to see qualifying. Well..... not to be as it rained off and on all afternoon and so qualifying for the Cup race was canceled as well as the other practices. But we had loads of fun back at the campground so it wasn't all bad.

On Saturday Nationwide's qualifying was canceled but they did start the race that afternoon and got in 171 laps of the 300 before they called it because of rain. Clint Boyer won the race. Once again we headed back to the campground.
Finally, on Sunday we woke to NO RAIN!! After a leisurely breakfast we headed over to the racetrack. Finally we were able to see the full race.

There were lots of opening festivities. We just happened to sit in the section that was chosen to participate in the card stunts. I had to get these pics elsewhere since we couldn't see from where we were. In the first one we were sitting near the top in the yellow section just above the "s" in thanks. In the second one we were seated near the top in between S and A in a blue section.
During the opening ceremonies Dale Jarrett drove up
in the "big brown truck" you can see that in the
picture at the right. It was his last points race.

The race was a wild one at times. Just as most races at Bristol are. Jeff Burton was the surprise winner after Kevin Harvick spun out Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin ran out of gas.
We were so thankful that we were able to see the race we really came for and enjoy the afternoon.
The walk back to the campground was SLOW at best since all 150 thousand fans left at once. And overhead we saw the helicopters flying the drivers to the airport.
On Monday we headed home to see our lonely cats and to do a LOT of laundry. It was a great weekend.

You can click on the pictures to see them better.