Friday, March 7, 2014

A chandelier make over

No fellowship of flowers today.  I am too far behind so will skip a week.  Maybe even two.  However I still have something to show today. And it contains "flowers."

A few years ago I found the instructions for making this pretty little hanging planter while reading through one of the Lowes  DIY magazines.  I don't remember exactly what the one they showed looked like but it inspired me.  As you can see it is made out of an old chandelier....

 It is presently hanging up in the front of a window in my antique shop ..... Lavender and Old Lace.... hence the color choices.

You can see my planter has silk flowers but you can make one that will hold real plants.  See the tutorial below.

I found the tutorial while doing a serach for something completely different and it reminded me of mine, so thought I would share.

So if you are ready to make one of your own...  Here is the link....

It reminded me of mine which is why I am doing this post.

  It is really pretty easy and if you make the rounds of yard sales, thrift stores and such you can probably find what you need to make it without too much cost.  The most expensive part of mine was probably the silk flowers I used. The old chandelier came from a yard sale.  The pots were in my garden shed.  I already had the paint from other projects.   .... and it was put together by my VERY handy husband.

I will be back again next Tuesday for Tea Cup Tuesday.  (I have already decided what to show. )   And hope to have something to show with the Fellowship of Flowers next week.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Tea for One

A few years ago my husband gifted me with this sweet little tea set..... for those times when I want to sit and have a quiet cup of tea.

It is a Royal Winton Grimwades  7 piece Breakfast Set..... complete with a toast rack.

I have often seen the Royal Winton mark on things and the additional "Grimwades" added to the mark. So today I decided to see what I could learn about it.  This is not the absolute answer but helped me on the way.

I first went to Wikipedia....  and learned the following:

Royal Winton is an English brand of earthenware and fine bone china tableware, made by Grimwades Limited, a Stoke-on-Trent based company founded by Leonard Lumsden Grimwade and his elder brother, Sidney Richard Grimwade, in 1885. 
In 1928, they produced the first of their Chintz pattern designs, for which the company has become famous.

 This set is not a chintz pattern.....  but still lovely I think with the soft mottled green finish.

 I checked out info from various search engines but really this was about the sum total of what I could learn in a quick look.  I may try to see if I have anything in any of my china books.

The set starts with a plate with the little indents for each of the parts....
Next I have added the toast holder in its proper place.............

and then the teapot..........

and the tea cup......

Here is a close up of the sugar and creamer..............

And finally the whole set together........

When I was looking around on ebay and other antique sales sites to see if I could find examples of this I discovered that some of the prices are HIGH, VERY HIGH.  Of course the highest prices are for the Chintz sets that are extremely popular no matter the style.

I never did find this exact set but I did find one in Pink. It was described as "mottled rose" so I believe this one might me "mottled Green."  You never know.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about this little set and that you enjoying  this weeks Tea Cup Tuesday.   Here are links to some of the other sites.


Rose Chintz Cottage


Be sure to come back here next week for another tea party.  And check with me on Thursday or Friday when I will show you some progress on my latest Fellowship of Flowers projects.