Saturday, March 18, 2017


I suppose it had to happen.  We have had a fairly quiet winter......  a tiny bit of snow here and there.  AND suddenly it was like it had just been saved up for one massive dump.  In all the years we lived in Maine I don't really remember one that was like this all at once.  It accumulated over the winter, storm after storm but I don't remember quite so much all at once.

Here are a few of the pictures of this storm they creatively named Stella.   "Stella, Stella, " as Elaine on Seinfeld would say!!!   (check it out on youtube if you don't remember.)

  This is what things looked like when we woke up on Tuesday Morning.  At least a foot or more.

 And here is what things looked like on Wednesday morning........... A bit over two feet!!!

My car almost disappeared.

The birdbath took on an almost regal look...........

                The most important thing was to keep the pathway open to the bird feeders..........

So, while my husband and two or our neighbors worked on our shared driveway, trying to keep things clear.........  I stayed in the house and worked on various housekeeping chores that needed to be done.  I would have felt guilty "playing" with my crafts I think.

I hope, by the time Tea Cup Tuesday rolls around next week, life will be back to normal again.

My husband and neighbors have the driveways cleared, sidewalks too. So now we just wait for warmer weather and pray it won't cause flooding.

I haven't done sewing except to hem some trousers for my husband.  No crafting except working on my 30 Lists project.  I don't know what I am getting accomplished but I do seem to keep busy.

Because I didn't get anything ready for St. Patrick's Day here is a look at the party page I did last year.    St. Patricks Day 2016        It shows my favorite St. Patrick's Day tea cup.

Be sure to check in on Tea Cup Tuesday for another Tea Cup crafting project I made awhile back.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Today is the day of the Blizzard of 2017 called Stella.  So far we have a LOT of snow......   and we are probably only half way through it.....   To show you how much here is a   comparison of our last snowstorm and this one..........

  This was last week just after that storm....                 .

And here is this week's storm, probably only about 1/2 way through it....
We are barely into this storm.  I imagine it will go for at least the rest of the day and this is early morning right now.

Yesterday I took this picture of my daffodils, getting ready to blossom. They made it through the last storm.  I do hope they survive this pounding today...........

Happily I don't think I have anyplace I have to go today.  So hope to stay in the house and catch up on some projects!

As I said last week I hope to continue to show you come projects using teacups and saucers.........

Here is a Tea Cup project I did awhile back..........     A Tea Cup pincushion.  As I said in my last post I don't like to throw away pretty teacups if there is something else I can create with them.   That is  what I did with this one.

  I made a ball of batting covered with fabric to serve as the pincushion.  You may have to keep adding stuffing a few times to have it stuffed enough.  I stuffed so much it is really almost hard.   Once it is full enough   I ran a bead of glue just inside the teacup and pushed the cushion into place.  Next,  I glued the gimp around the edge and added the little roses. And then I glued the teacup to the saucer.  I did this last so I could better handle the teacup as I put in the batting.  Actually pretty easy if you are patient. You can use ribbon and decorations to match your teacup and saucer.  I did this one because of the roses on the tea cup and saucer.

And so another teacup that won't hit the trash barrel...........

Since I have been away for awhile I may be missing some tea parties out there.  If I am please let me know so I can add them to my list.....

     I will be joining with the following Tea Parties and blog parties on the days they publish.   Some are on different days of the week so my listings will show up then.  And some may not be available every week.  Be sure to check.

Hope you will visit them too.