Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall Is nearly over, we are getting ready for winter.

Fall is nearly over, the leaves are nearly all down. My husband has been raking for days it seems since we have over 40 trees on our little acre plot of land. A neighbor suggested we cut them all down to save work...... NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! They keep our home cool in the summer and let the sunshine through to warm things a bit in the wintertime. They are home to all the birds we feed and they make a lovely setting. So work they may cause but oh the pleasure.
I liked this view across the street from our house.... with just the few golden leaves on the trees ..... it is like they are glowing in one final act of glory before winter arrives.

Now that camping season is over we had to work to get the camper ready to put away for the winter. This year we had made a list of things we would like to change, adding shelves, redoing the table and sitting area and a few other smaller things. It seems a shame to have to have done all the work and then put it away BUT it will be waiting for us in the the spring.

Here is the newly done sitting and eating area, with a table that it easier to use and
more room to take a nap in the daytime if one wishes.

We needed more space for things so added these little shelves to the vanity area.
It is much more useful now.

We can put the cd play on the lower shelf and still have room for things on the upper shelves, you know like hairbrushes, razors, toothbrush etc. I don't know why the builder of these little campers didn't think of these things.

AND NOW: maybe I can find time for some art projects, doll houses or altered books.