Thursday, July 24, 2008

More work on shop

I managed to "take the day off" from the house and my real shop and do some things for dress shoppe.
I drove over to the next town and visited the Mini shop.... Wee Home Shoppe It is such a great shop because the owner is a wonderful lady and a friend. She carries all scales.
It is the place where we hold our monthly meetings of the Susquehanna Mini Makers, a N.A.M.E
mini club. I managed to spend quite a bit of money while I was there and here is what I bought.After shopping I rushed home to do some more work on the dress shoppe. I pulled out the counter I was going to use and filled it with the bolts of fabric and laces. Then On top I put a little hat I had made from a kit that I bought from someone who's name I can't find at the moment .... and a vase (a bead actually) filled with feathers. I imagine there will be a few more things on the top of the counter. Just not sure what yet.
Next I pulled out a couple of kits I had recently put together. One is boots in a shoe box, the other is slippers in a shoe box. They were both from Ann Vanture's Paper Minis She is a great source for paper printie kits for doll houses and dolls as well.

The final thing I added to today's work is a small
display I got in a swap or exchange.... I don't remember which. It is a cute display of hat and dressing table items. I just loved it and decided I would find a place in the shop. I think the shop is changing from a dress shop to a ladies modiste... where she can buy a variety of items for herself.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I had some time yesterday so I headed up to my studio to work on my UFO (miniature shop).
I set out to make shelves to hold all the hat boxes I had made..... Somewhere along the way I managed to try to slice the top of my pointer finger..... thankfully it wasn't too bad. I still managed to get them cut out and painted. But it needed a bandage for awhile which was too bad because shortly after this happened I had a violin lesson. It made handling the bow a bit awkward...... but hey, I probably still handle the bow a bit awkwardly anyway... it was only my fourth lesson.

I shall live though.

I plan to finish the shelving today and get it into the shop. That will feel good to have that done.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Time away from doll houses to do an antique show

Since I own an antique shop I occasionally do antique shows. This week we did a three day show in a nearby town as part of their festival. It was VERY hot every day so we were thankful to be inside where it was cool!!! And probably got lots of customers because of that too. Below is a picture of half of our space. The other picture didn't turn out decent enough to post. But you can get the idea from this I hope.