Friday, September 21, 2012

Fabric Flower Friday

 Crazy about fabric flowers......

I have decided to start a little series of blogs featuring fabric flowers and I will show a different one every Friday....  hence a not so original....  Fabric Flower Friday. Don't know how many weeks this will last.  Probably until I get a new interest.

It started a week or so ago when a project I was trying to work on wasn't working out so well but I really was in the mood to make something.  For some reason the idea of making fabric flowers seemed like a good idea.  I have been sewing a lot lately, making little quilty things and have plenty of scraps of the right size.  So off to my search engine to locate some tutorials.  Not that hard as it turns out. Apparently everyone is wanting to make flowers from fabric.

So here is a quick list of some that I found...........

The first set of flowers I made were probably the easiest.  They were made from felt which, for some reason, I have an abundance.  All you really have to do is cut a 1 inch length of fabric.  Mine vary because I have different amounts.  Felt generally comes in either 60 inch wide fabric or in squares.  I suppose you could do this with the squares, just have to cut out a lot of lengths.

You cut the fabric, then cut little slits every 1/4 inch or so all along the edge.   I do this watching tv.  I haven't made flowers out of this particular batch of felt yet.  Just wanted you to see what it looks like.

Then roll it up.  I put glue every couple of inches to make sure it doesn't come undone.  And basically that is it.  I sort of push down and cup the circles at the same time to make them look sort of like mums.

So for my first batch, here they are.  I will be making a lot more.  They are fun to do and great to do while watching tv!  You can glue a hair clip on the back to use in your hair, or glue on a pin back to wear as a brooch sort of thing.  The gal I copied the idea from made a belt from hers.  I am pretty sure the ideas for their use is as endless as the list for use of any fabric flower.  I don't know yet.You could use them in some of the various forms of altered art, art journal covers, what ever!   I may put some on tote bags.
Next time I may make the cuts a bit closer together.  I can't say for sure. Since they were done at different times over a two day period and from different lengths of felt they vary a bit.

Come back next Friday for another flower idea.  I have already done some for that blog entry.  And of course, don't miss Tea Cup Tueday.

And here is a picture showing why I sometimes don't get as much done in my sewing room as I would like.
Asleep on the Job

Monday, September 17, 2012

Third Tea Cup Tuesday in September

And so the month of September is moving right along.
Before I show my tea cup set for this week I wanted to share a project I did while we were traveling last month.  This is a little wall hanging I found a pattern for in the Primitive Quilts Magazine.  It is in the primitive style and was a different type for me to do.  The middle is stitched using an over dyed floss to make it look a bit old fashioned.  And I used their method of quilting using big stitches and  pearl cotton floss. I used it because it is bigger than regular floss. It was fun to do.  I could easily do it while riding in the car but also just sitting around in the kitchens of our friends chatting in the evening.  I had to wait until I got home to bind the edges but the rest was done before we got home. 

So here is this weeks choice of tea cup and saucer.  I chose it because of the beautiful yellow rose.  I love that it has a pretty rose inside the cup as well.  Of course,  since it is Royal Albert you know it would be one of my favorites.    It is called Tea Rose and here are several views of it.

I hope you enjoyed  seeing this cup and saucer

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AND, check back on Friday.  I am starting a new "series of posts" about making fabric flowers.  Don't know how many weeks it will go but have the first two already done and will be working on more soon.