Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daisy, Daisy

Yesterday I was able to pick up the quilt project I had inadvertently left at the quilt shop.  Here it is.  This square is not quite done.  the daisy needs a center circle.  Then I need to make three more which I plan to start  today.  I will show my progress here in the next couple of days.  I have gotten all the parts cut out and the petals stitched.  So it shouldn't take quite as long as the first one.
If you click on the picture you can see a larger view and you will be able to see the machine applique.  I am still learning on this new machine but it turned out pretty well.  The best thing about this technique is now smooth the petals are.  I am very pleased so far.

As to our snow, it is melting away thanks to the sun.  There is only a little over an inch out there now., except where the snow was shoveled up.  It is due tp rain again this week.... maybe this time?????

Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow again..... enough already

We have had bare ground for a week at least.  Then we got two days of heavy rain.  However, overnight the temps dropped and this is what we woke up to today.  I won't be going out to the quilt shop for awhile, or maybe not at all if they don't open because of the storm.  They follow school closings.

At least the birds are finding food in our yard.  Here are  Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal at the feeder.  You have to look closely on the left side of feeder to see the female but she is there.  Naturally Mr. Cardinal is right up front!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tune in Tuesday to see the results of my quilting class.

I took the class and it was so much fun.  I was planning to show you how far along I had gotten.  UNFORTUNATELY  my finished work is still at the shop.  The shop lady had taken the piece to match up the fabric I would use for the trim and then forgot to put the square in my bag.  I didn't notice and by the time I got home it was too late to go back.  But Monday morning I will be there to pick it up, I hope.  Unless we end up going away somewhere that I not expecting at the moment.

Anyway, I had such fun in the class and did pretty much finish up one of the squares.  Three more to go but they won't take as long as the first.
The secret in this class was learning to use QuiltSmart.   It is a product I didn't know about.  In this particular project there are a lot of curved lines in the petals and this makes it so simple to applique.
Click here to see the kit for the project I am doing is this one......  Black Eyed Susan.......    Mine won't look quite like this because I am using very different colors.   But so far it is beautiful.  Can't wait to show you.
I was hoping to work on another square between customers in my shop today.  However I need to make the other squares the same way as the first one, meaning the various fabrics must be in the same location on each square and I don't remember how I did it.  OH WELL....  I will just have to work on it later in the week once I get it back.
NEXT TIME I will pay attention..............   LOL

    I also got a lot more practice on my new machine, doing machine applique which I had never really done before.  So between learning a new quilting method and getting more proficient on my machine I feel the day was very much worthwhile.

We are presently having a LOT of rain.  It has been raining pretty steadily since last night and is supposed to continue on into tonight.  But it shouldn't stop me from opening my shop.  Or entertaining friends for dinner tonight.  But some folks in our area may suffer from flash flooding.  We live up on a hill so shouldn't have any problems.  And IT ISN"T SNOW!!!!!!