Friday, September 2, 2011

And the flea markets go on.

I said I would talk about another flea market we attended on our recent trip.  This one was in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.  We have been attending it almost since the beginning... a LOT of years ago.  It is held once a year and we do plan our August trip around it I will admit. My husband loves it.  I like it.

This year we didn't find much to buy at all but it was fun seeing things and meeting up with some of the dealers we have met over the years.

I will just show a few pictures I took while there.

Also I should mention that for the next few Tea Cup Tuesdays I will be showing tea cup pictures 
I took at the market and a few of the tea cups I bought.... only FOUR, yes that is right, 
only 4 but they are very special ones.
The Canadians like their tea and love bone china so there is always a LOT on display.  If I bought every one I saw that I liked I would not have been able to get through customs....   LOL

But meanwhile here are a few of the pictures I took.

I liked this sign someone made for their booth:

I visited one booth that really impressed me.  Instead of just throwing their items on the ground or on a table they made a serious effort to make the items look even better by their displays.
  Here are some of the groupings they made.

And, this next picture is a chair I bought from the same people.  It is now sitting in my bow window
with some other primitive items.

I found the following pictures from other dealers.  They are pictures of colonial ladies dressed in ribbon finery.  This was a hobby of ladies a number of years ago.  I was pleased to see two different examples.

This was a youth bed I saw that I liked.  It starts as a crib and later you remove the sides.  This was from the early 1900s but the idea is still used today.

And I will leave you with this one final picture.
  Something I don't fully understand is why the Maritime Canadians like and eat dried seaweed.  They call it dulce and it is available in a lot of places including this market.

And on that note I will leave you until next time.  Probably I will have something on Tea Cup Tuesday.  I am already planning that blog entry now.