Friday, June 15, 2012

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

 My sister and brother in law came to visit this week.  One of the nights they were here, they took us to eat at the Inn where they were staying.....  And here are a couple of pics.  The first was an excellent chicken dish with rather fancy presentation.  The whole meal was beautifully presented AND most important.... excellent.

And the next picture shows me with my dessert.  The Pastry Chef at this Inn was a contestant on "Hell's Kitchen" on the Fox tv network  and came in third.  SHE is very good and creative.  I loved the look of my dessert and it tasted good too. It was a chocolate mousse.
(If you look closely at my hands you can see the thumb splints I have to wear 
because of very bad arthritis in my thumbs!

Now, we don't always eat like that, mostly because I enjoy cooking and over the years I have learned to cook in ways that my husband likes too. But it was a wonderful treat and we enjoyed the evening and of course the visit with my sister and her husband.

We had another friend here for dinner last night.  Here is what we had from my kitchen.  Not quite as fancy presentation (I will have to work on that!!!  LOL) But very good anyway.
The Salad was a spinach salad with cut up oranges, fresh grated Parmesan cheese, some slices of red pepper, a sprinkling of  sugared Walnuts and dried cranberries and a Raspberry Vinaigrette.
And served with herb bread.

Next, I made sweet potato fries sprinkled with dried cranberries. They were baked not fried.

And finally we had Chicken Shish K Bob, with chicken, peppers and onions.  They were grilled.

It was all YUMMY.
And lest we forget, we also had dessert...  It was a Boston Creme Pie, from the Bakery at the grocery store.

We have definitely eaten well this week and it isn't over yet since Father's Day festivities are coming up.  Maybe I will have more food pics on Monday.

Happy Father's Day to any dad's that might read this.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Second TeaCup Tuesday in June

Here I am again.....
This week I thought I would show a couple of "different" cup and saucers.  These are the traditional cup but instead of a saucer they have had plate.  So you save dishwahing later I suppose.... don't need a separate plate.  The have a small indent to the side of the plate where the cup sits.

This first set is made by Tuscan, Fine Bone China.
I couldn't find a name. I thought it looked very similar to the various Chintz patterns.

And this second set is by my favorite maker, Royal Albert.   It is called Orange Blossom.  I looked on line to see if I could learn more about it.  One picture that I saw showed it a LOT more vibrant... the gold part anyway.  That might have been made earlier or later.  Don't know.  And another one I found is also called Orange Blossom but it is from the Blossom series and quite different in design.  I think that one is probably newer.


Hope you enjoyed today's offerings.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Traveling Art Supplies a couple of garden pics

If you read my post on my Rust Garden you know I like to put "fun" things in my gardens.  Here are two pictures I took yesterday.   The first one is my bottle tree.

And another one of a little garden area that holds an interesting chair, among other things.   I found it at a flea market last summer,  I got it from the same guy that made the bottle tree form for me.

And here is the beginning of a new project................

We aren't on the road as much as we used to be but enough and for long enough periods that I have decided I need to make a traveling art kit...  I always seem to have to buy something I forgot to use in travel journals........
So, thanks to a post I read about on the Remains of the Day yahoo list I found a pretty good answer...........

http://caatjesartsy stuff.blogspot. nl/2012/06/ my-travelbag- of-art-supplies. html

Caatje worked out a great plan for traveling art supplies and tells all about it on her blog,  I will modify her plan a bit to suit my specific needs (because it will also require a few sewing supplies.)  But thanks to the inspiration I received from her post I am planning on getting my STUFF together for our next jaunt.

Tune in later for the pictures.  I am inspired today but my next week will be full with company and then some travel for ourselves.  So can't really do any more about this at the moment.  I will probably be making lists and starting the "planning" today.  I do have the perfect bag.  My Quarter Connection Doll house group has a convention every year and part of the gifts are usually some type of organization tools that include a carry all.  I have several items so will have to sort through and see what is most useful.

So keep in touch............
Oh yes, and tune in for another Tea Cup Tuesday.  I have one ready.........