Saturday, November 7, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Herb Garden is Calling, Needs Weeding

My herb garden is in dire need of weeding to get ready for winter. I must admit I haven't been out there much lately. Tomorrow I will post before and after pictures.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Artful Thursday

I hope to be able to start showing you some of my art projects on Thursdays.

I have recently joined up with a group that is called Artist Class. For the next few weeks they will present us with templates, pictures and such for inspiration to make our own projects. I know I won't be able to make my projects as fast as they are presented. But I will do them at my own pace.

We were showed a wooden box that was used as a memory box and inspired to make our own. We were supplied with all the art the artist used but I chose to use my own graphics.

I decided to make a memory box of my parents. The outside is made using various fabric, paper and ribbon along with some other embellishments.

Click on each picture to see it larger.

The inside pages include a pictures of each of my parents as children. And I included little graphic items to represent their interests. My dad liked to travel, liked music, was in the army signal corps and one took courses on raising chickens. My mom loved gardening, music and her church.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mini Monday

Last week I said I would talk about and show the make I made for my swap partner in GSOLFOT But I am going to wait another week. That way they can all be posted on the GSOLFOT website first.

So, instead I will share a couple of mini things of mine. Back in January I started building a 1/12 scale doll house but never really got back to it to finish it. Now I am finally starting to furnish it and I have to finish up some curtains, pictures on the wall etc.

The first picture is of the living room. I need a rug, a mirror over the fire place, curtains, pictures on the wall AND a better bookcase. I don't like the one that is in there but it is one I had. I am searching but haven't found what I want yet. So the room looks a bit drab.... but I am thinking about it again anyway.
The next picture is the bathroom. I don't like the slanted back wall so still have to figure out a couple things for the room. AND I know the picture over the tub is crooked. I need to fix that.
I must find a rug and some towels to put on the shelves. But it is coming along.
AND finally here is a project I did a couple of years ago. I got the little kits at the N.A.M.E. convention when it was held out in Pittsburgh. The kits, created by Sue Herber, are done in the Mackenzie Childs style which I really love. I am using them in the bedroom of this house. It is still a mess in there so not ready to show off just yet.

I am going to try to find time to work on that doll house over the next couple of weeks to get the rest of it furnished and decorated. Stay tuned.