Monday, December 1, 2014

Teatime and snow

      Before I start my blog today I want to introduce you all to my daughter's new blog, Cooking With Amanda.  She is quite the cook and homemaker and loves to share recipes and ideas. The link is in the right hand column.  If you wish to leave a comment you have to click on the actual post. The home page just lists the posts.  Hope that isn't too confusing.

 And now to Tea Cup Tuesday..................

 The look of winter hit with a vengeance this past week.  As you probably know if you live in the Eastern US or were anywhere near a news report for our Thanksgiving you KNOW the east coast of  the US got hit with what is called a "northeaster."   If you were in the colder areas you got a LOT of snow.  If you were in the warmer areas you got a lot of rain.

Here are a few of the pictures I took as the snowstorm was ending.  Lots of heavy white stuff everywhere.

This was my backyard.   

This is an Atlas Cedar.  It is growing next to my back deck. Because of it's interesting growth pattern  I always call it my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

 Here is a picture of the dogwood tree growing in my side yard.  With the heavy snow you can barely see my antique shop up behind it.  But wait.... a bit farther down the page I will show you what it lookkes like a couple of days later.
 And here is the same dogwood tree looking in another direction.

The day after the storm as the sun came out and temps became a tiny bit milder a lot of the snow left the trees.   Here is a more recent of the dogwood tree.  You can now see my shop much better.  The driveway and roads are clear and dry... at least for the moment.

And now almost all of that snow is gone.........thanks to some rain and warm temps.  
You just never know at this time of year.

For once I am "almost" happy we didn't go away for the holiday.  Driving would NOT have been good.  So instead I stayed home and took a LOT of pictures. 

I found this special tea last year but never tried it until now.   .  It is by Bigelow and is called Eggnogg'n.   The box says you can have eggnog without the "guilt " and it  has the creamy flavor of eggnog.  I don't generally use cream but it says on the box that it will add to the Eggnog flavor....   I probably won't try that.  I can't say I "loved" it and it did not really remind me of eggnog, at least the eggnog I am used to.... I don't make it spiked normally so maybe that is why but it was an interesting alternative.  I think I will mostly stick to Earl Gray Vanilla.... it is something I love, no matter the time of year.

I don't  really have much in the way of Christmas teacups.  So I decided I would use  Blue Willow which I think goes nicely with the snowflake placemat.  I picked this heavy mug which seems to do the job on a cold and snowy day.  And the teapot is an interesting one I found up in Canada a long time ago.   You will see why from the mark below..............

The tea pot is some sort of advertising item for Ringtons Limited Tea Merchants.  Click HERE to go to their website. After searching the web I believe it is probably a reproduction.  But I don't care personally. I love it.

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