Monday, August 25, 2014

Traveling Notes

    In my last blog post I "served up" Blueberry Scones.  That was actually in anticipation of our annual trip north to the land of wild blueberries (the best in my opinion.)  They are always being harvested at the time we are there so we can always find plenty to bring home.  I DID in fact.... a 5 pound box which I was able to separate and pack into 17 one cup freezer bags for future use.... for scones, muffins, and other treats during the year!

     We are now back home from two weeks of traveling in Maine and New Brunswick.  Besides happily visiting friends and family I managed to get to a few flea markets.  I did actually buy a few things for myself and a few things for my shop.  But I also took a LOT of pictures some of which I will share with you today. There will be more as time goes on.
    This first group is primarily from two of the flea markets we always go to in Searsport, Maine.

 The first table I found had a variety of tea things.

 I enjoyed seeing them but the prices were a little steep so I only bought the little OCR teapot in the middle to add to my own collection of OCR which is ever expanding.   Here is a closeup.

I also took a closeup picture of the other teapot though I didn't purchase it.  I hope someone else found it to their liking that day.

 Once again I thought of Martha from Martha's Favorites when I found these mustache cups.   Quite a variety I thought.  Since I don't collect them I left them for someone else.
Next I found this Nova Scotia Tartan cup and saucer. It is my favorite of all the Canadian Provincial Tartans.  I forgot to find out the maker of this particular teacup.  I have never been to Nova Scotia but it on my list. 

And finally for this day I saw these pretty Made in Japan items.  A cup (mug?) and a sugar bowl.  
I actually saw lots of non tea items that day as well and took lots of pictures.  My favorite was this bird feeder made out of a glass luncheon set.  I though it was pretty cute.  I have some of these luncheon sets  so may try to make one in the future.  The people that had this on their table make a lot of interesting goodies out of old glassware.  I always like to visit their table to find out what new ideas they have come up with this year.

I have lots more pictures to share and will do that in the coming weeks.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the things I shared today.

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