Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wallpapering a tiny house

It doesn't look like much in the beginning.

This project is a quarter scale house made using old priority mail boxes. Since we get packages here regularly it wasn't hard to find a couple.

You first make the basic box as shown here.
Then you begin to wall paper, add flooring and such.
I didn't get very far on my project yesterday. Too much real life got in the way. However
I did get 1/2 of the house wallpapered.

And today I dug out a box of 1/4 scale items I have received in swaps over the past few years and I will see how many of them are usable in the house so far. Check back tomorrow to see how I did.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Back to Miniatures

To those of you following this blog that wonder what happened to my minis and the work I was doing. Well other things seemed to get in the way. But I am back at it, albeit in perhaps a SMALLER way. The Quarter Connection online Yahoo group is gearing up for their annual On Line convention and therefore so am I. I have to make 53 tiny little quarter scale items for a swap and I have begun work on the free project offered by our wonderful leader Luci Hansen.
Here is the project. A quarter Scale Holiday House. I made the basic boxes yesterday and have started one of the rooms. It isn't really photo worthy yet but should be later today.

Check back tomorrow to see my progress.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Daytona 500

The Nascar Racing Season has begun. Yesterday we went to a neighbors annual Daytona 500 viewing party. It always includes a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We always bring the Cake. (no I didn't make it, the bakery at our grocery store did.) The powers that be at Nascar keep making the race start later and later in the day and this year it didn't start until 3:30. As it turns out they should have started earlier because a rain storm came along and the race ended at lap 152 instead of 200. Matt Kenseth was the winner even though he had only run one lap. It felt kind of anti-climatic. But we still had a nice time at the party.