Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Kitty pictures

Since I can't work on doll house much or practice my violin or lots of other things I thought I get some current pics of the cats and here they are.

Three kitties in the house make for lots of cat food consumed. The kitties don't often miss a meal.

When not eating Tuffy and Spooky like to climb into baskets. Here they are. They take turns in the same basket.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Roses are Red

For those of you who have been following my life lately you know that I had some minor surgery on my right hand... to deal with a few issues, probably resulting from too much work with my hands....

The surgery is over and I am on the recuperation side. I can almost use my right hand again, for typing a bit anyway.

The day before the surgery was our 43rd anniversary. Can hardly believe it. One interesting note on that... if I need to know how long I have been married I just have to check out the number of the super bowl. The flowers shown above are from my very special husband.

The weather was lousy on Anniversary Day so we didn't go out. Instead we stayed home and I cooked a nice meal.... Boeuf Bourgione or however you spell it. And now for Thurs, Fri. Sat. and Sun. night He gets to cook.

While not able to work on mini's I have been doing planning.... and collecting up stuff to use to decorate the doll house. And also getting ready to do things for the annual Quarter Connection On Line Convention. I have a couple of projects to do for that..... one will be a 1/4 scale Lincoln Bedroom. And I have to make 53 tiny things for the tote swap. So once I get full use of hand and arm back I shall be busy. I do know what I am going to make and have all the materials collected up. I will put a picture here after the convention, some time in March. Can't do it before cause we aren't supposed to tell in advance