Monday, September 15, 2014

Lots and Lots of Tea Cups and Saucers!

 Our annual trip to New Brunswick always includes a visit to a HUGE annual flea market in Sussex.  We have actually been attending that flea market for well over 20 years.  We use to go when we still lived in Maine and continue to now that we live in Pennsylvania.  Just a bit longer of a drive.

One thing I can ALWAYS count on is seeing LOTS AND LOTS of cups and saucers!!

 Lots of variety in these first two groupings!

 The middle grouping in this picture of cups and saucers were ALL Shelley.  I don't know what the back ones were.As usual they were pretty pricey for my pocket book so didn't get any.  But do love looking at them.

And here are some miscellaneous makers.  This is where I found my lily of the valley cup and saucer set I showed you last week.

 I actually only bought 2 cups and saucers at the entire flea market.  I like to think it is my extreme will power....  Don't know for sure but I DID behave.

So if you needed cups and saucers this was the place to be!!!!
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