Friday, January 11, 2013

My sewing machine will be humming today.

 My January Dining Room Table Centerpiece
     This centerpiece is made up from a few things I bought from a favorite country store. 

    They have a small shop at my favorite flea market in Leesport, PA
   The small tray they are sitting on was bought for just 50 cents from an outdoor vendor there, and I painted it to go with....


Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on getting some projects ready for machine quilting.  The two that I will be starting on today and for over the weekend are fairly simple ones.
One is a small table cover, the other a runner.

Here are pictures of the finished piecing part.

This first one is made using fabric from a collection from Connecting Threads.   (A great online quilting shop.) Just click on the name to go to their website.  The name of this collection was Circle of Friends.
I checked there today and they are already pretty much sold out of alot  of the fabric.  It really is beautful stuff though the camera doesn't do it full justice.

 This second one also suffers in looks from my camera.  Don't know why.  The four larger corner squares will have flowers, leaves and stems appliqued on as part of the quilting process.
It is a pattern from "This n That" pattern company called Prairie Star.  I was using what I had in my various collections of "charm" pieces and didn't have any gold like the pattern showed so used lighter colors instead.  In case you don't know "charms" are 5 inch squares often cold in coordinated groups.
I admit to using this pattern to "use up" some of my stash.  Although it doesn't show well here for some reason in person it is great.  (sigh.....)

You can see that I have the pieces pinned with my fancy topped pins.  That is why there are little specks of color all over that don't really look like they belong on the items.

By next weekend I hope they are done and the binding will be ready to go on.

Think I can do it?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Fresh Start to 2013

Happy Tea Cup Tuesday.  Not a real blog post on Tea Cups but I am going to show one pretty one just to keep with the theme.
This is a Royal Albert Tea Cup set called Angela.  It is one of my very favorites.  I have this in my personal collection.

One of my favorite things at this time of year is to open a new, unwritten in, Journal!  All those pages just waiting for inspiration! 

I love January, always have, even in the depths of winter when we lived in Maine.  It was the one month in the year when I didn't USUALLY have outside commitments and could usually get to do some projects or things I had been putting off.

This new year and January in particular has been presenting a few challenges including JURY DUTY so I have to admit to being being behind in even thinking about Tea Cups and other fun stuff.

For the past two weeks I have been working on sewing projects that were neglected and art projects that had taken a back seat to the holidays. Things I really wanted to finish. And now,  at the moment I am caught up,  Just in time for the Jury Duty to take over my life for a bit... or not.... today I find out more about what it will entail this time.  I have only served one other time and that was when I lived back in Maine, in another life.....

I am hopeful to get back on track for Teacup Tuesday, next week.  I will have a weekend in the antique shop to take pictures and get something written.

But in the meantime I wanted to at least say hello and tell you what I have planned otherwise.

A few months ago I started subscribing to Folk Magazine.  It is a wonderful magazine filled with things I love things, simpler things.  Just click on the magazine cover to learn more about it.

They have started a journaling challenge, for every Monday of the year and they have a blog that will do the same.  I decided perhaps I can join in, at least for awhile.  If you want to visit their blog you can learn about that too.  Click here!

This weeks challenge is "What Goals do You Hope to Achieve This Year?"
I generally know better,  after all the years that I have lived,  than to make the broad statements like more exercise, get organized, etc.  Mostly my goal this year is just to live the year productively and joyfully.  Should not be too hard to do.....

My three areas of interest and therefore things I often blog about are Tea Cups, paper and book crafting, and Quilting.  They will continue.  We have plans for a Nascar race or two, a couple of Blue Grass festivals and many trips to Flea Markets.  Lots of good stuff to blog about.

The Teacup Tuesdays will continue on Tuesday, the Folk Magazine Challenge on Mondays and on Friday I will try to talk about quilting or crafting.  And trips we take on other days or included in one of the above topics.  We shall just have to see how long those plans last.

Thanks for visiting today. And be sure to come back next week. And after you finish up your visit here be sure to check out the other tea parties in which I am taking part. 

                                                              Rose Chintz Cottage