Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Compact..... Buy used, reuse, recycle

I have been reading online about some folks who have formed a group called the Compact. They have decided not to buy anything new for a year. Well, I assume there are a few exceptions, like food. And I personally would not buy used underwear.... yuk... or shoes.... I already have bad feet. But for everyday purchases I think it is a really good idea. There are antique shops, thrift shops, used goods shops of all types out there that are bound to have what you need. If you want good quality stuff I am sure it is available, may just have to look a bit.
We have often bought very good used vehicles so that isn't a problem.

We have had three motor homes over the years and all three were used by someone else first.
(Granted the last one had only been used a couple of weeks before they traded it in, but we got a great deal on their change of heart!)

And then don't forget flea markets and yard sales. And the free cycle list on line. And trading with friends.

I come from a long line of THRIFTY folks who believed in reusing, making do, shopping at goodwill and so on. I can remember that when my dad went to Hawaii he needed "Hawaiian Shirts" so he went to the local thrift stores in San Diego and found quite a few. He said he got a LOT of complements on them too. And didn't pay much at all.

My husband and I have long been shoppers at yard sales and flea markets. We love to find things for the grand kids that way. Toys and books are easy to find. And clothes. I supposed some folks buy something and change their minds after they get it home. So I find thengs with tags still on them.

Books are a necessary part of my life. I don't care who has read them before. The library has loads of books and they are free if you don't keep them too long. Also once or twice a year there is a book sale there. And yard sales and flea markets are loaded with them. If you are looking for something special there is always Alibris or AbeBooks on line..... The books are there, just for less!!

SO MY new goal is to see how long I can go without buying new stuff starting with the new year.
I am waiting to make that official date because I must get by the Christmas thing, and since I haven't told family about this it would be best to wait. I am mostly buying gift certificates this year anyway though. So really I will be doing this starting now.

But with the normal life my husband and I lead it probably won't be too hard to do, or in actuality continue to do. My thought on this whole thing is that if you just start doing it, it will become a habit and get easier and easier and life should get better for you. Just think of the money you can save and things you might be able to get that you couldn't if you had to pay full retail new price.