Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Three Flower Bell Pull

Last night I finally put the finishing touches on the first monthly project of the Fellowship Of Flowers.    I am pleased since last night was the last night of January.  I wonder if I will be so good in February.  I am already behind a tiny bit on making the flowers.  But I PLAN to catch up this coming weekend.

Here is my first project.  When Michelle showed us the firtst project I knew right off I would have to do mine a bit different than hers.  But I loved the idea of a bell pull......   (She used Downton Abbey as her inspiration.)     So here is mine.  If you visit her blog you will see hers is very different than mine.   But I like the idea of doing it my own way.

I should state that I don't have a bell in my stash, at the moment, to add to the bottom so may end up just putting a tassel.  We shall have to see.  But I am happy with what I have so far.

Here it is......
I know the yarn trim looks a little funny in the picture but not in real life.  It is very thick yard but doesn't show it in the picture for some reason.  But you get the idea.

I am hopeful I will be able to show you the first two flowers for the next project by next Wed. or Thurs.  With some degree of luck and planning I should have them to show you then.  We shall see.

MEANWHILE.......don't forget to check in next Tuesday to see what I have in mind for my weekly tea party.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A "Crazy" UFO is now a finished project.

 This morning the sun is shining and although it is cold it look nice out!  I love seeing all that blue sky.    The sun helps a LOT.

I checked in with The Raspberry Rabbit and got directions for our first project and more info on the next flower.....  So I am hoping, tomorrow or maybe Friday to have something to show you on that front. BUT..... MEANWHILE........

One of my goals for the New Year was to finish a few UFOs.  I have more than I want to list here.  But at least I can now say another one is DONE!  A few years ago I was with a group of artists on line that did a lot of altered and assemblage  art.  Someone suggested we should do a crazy quilt. Although not a "new type" of art by any means it was definitely a way to use some of our learned skills AND use some of our embellishments. 10 people participated.

Each one of us made a crazy quilt base about 25 to 30 inches square.  Then it was sent around the country so each of us could do some work on each other's quilts.  It was such a treat when mine arrived home, all finished.  I loved it and showed it off to friends but somehow never did the last finishing.... UNTIL YESTERDAY.   

 Here is whole little quilt. And below this I have shown 4 sections in more detail.
 Be sure to click on each picture to see more detail.

These are close ups of the four corners.

 This is the upper right.  A beady snake is pretty impressive!

This is the lower right corner.

 And here is the lower left....  I love to use buttons in projects. So did this participant.

 And finally the upper left.  I love the way the lace has become a mask....  Notice the eyes.....
               I love it and and so happy to finally have it finished.  It took way too long!!!!

The really nice thing is that each artist signed on the back of the areas they work in.  So I have that history with it.

         Check in tomorrow (or maybe Friday) and see how I am progressing with the Fellowship of Flowers project.

And I want to give out another welcome to all my new followers.  This week, with the Grow Your Blog Part, has been so much fun.  I have loved meeting so many new folks and to learn more about our shared interests.

Monday, January 27, 2014

A 1940s Tea Party

Here I am again.  It is still quite cold out but we haven't had near the snow some areas have had so life pretty much goes on as usual.

For this week's tea party I started the planning when I found this little teapot wall pocket which I am using as a napkin holder.

 Then I just started collecting up all the things I could find that went with it.  I sell a lot of linens in my shop, especially 40s type so didn't have any trouble figuring out what to use.

The perky little red and white polka dot apron will be useful!

As will this  red and white basket pot holder.  Actually this item was usually made with two smaller round pot holders that fit inside the basket but they didn't come with this one.  And I wanted to include it anyway.

 And how about some nice floral dish towels.

 For the cup and saucer I picked this interesting Cat Tail pattern that was sold by Sears and Roebuck.

And here is its mark.....
I have known about Cat Tail china for many years and about the fact that Sears sold it in the 40s but I thought I would try to learn a little more about it to share with you.
The Cat Tail china was made by Universal China Company (Cambridge, Ohio) and distributed by Sears.  They were inexpensive and considered every day dishes.

Not only could you buy your dishes with this design but the Sears catalogs offered many other items with that design to make sure your kitchen was COMPLETELY coordiated.   They sold china, things like mixing bowls and canisters.  Also linens, glass ware and tin ware (called Pantry Ware)  such as bread boxes and trash cans were available.  AND you could buy a table and chairs set with the design as well.  I have seen a number of different things in this pattern over the years.  If someone was really industrious they could do their entire kitchen in the design.  It would be a fun and useful collection.
If you want to see more check out a sears catalog from that era.  I imagine there are some on line.

I got a lot of this information from The Encyclopedia of American Dinner ware by Jo Cunninham.

I hope you are enjoying this weeks Tea Cup Tuesday.   Here are links to some of the other sites.


Rose Chintz Cottage




Be sure to come back on Thursday when I will be showing some of the sewing projects I am working on at present including The Fellowship of Flowers.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Saturday Flea Market in January

 I want to thank those folks who signed up as followers of my blog, yesterday, at the Grow Your Blog Event.  It was fun to hear from so many different folks and to read all your comments and emails.  I also enjoyed visiting lots of other blogs that I did not even know about.  Thanks so much to Vicki at
 2 Bags Full.  

As I mentioned yesterday in my blog, I was going to attend a local flea market. It was sponsored by our local fire department and they hold several during the winter months.  Most of the vendors are regulars but some folks just use it like a yard sale.  You won't usually find high level antiques and collectibles but it pretty much runs the gamut 

The thing about flea markets is you NEVER know what you are going to find.  The first table inside the door sold Polish Potato bread!!!!!   Yummy!    Behind him were a couple of tables of pies, breads and such along with jelly and jam.  (I didn't take a picture of that table.)

 Here is a picture of a typical table of what I call "flea market miscellaneous.  

If you are a collector there are usually opportunities at these sales.  
Here are some examples of the offerings.

 And this person offered a scrapbook filled with vintage post cards.

Are you a doll collector?  There are usually some to be had.

And how about something a bit unusual....  a clothespin holder.  

These were quite popular in the 30s, 40s and 50s.

  I bought this pile of kitchen towels and such from one of the vendors to sell in my shop. I think most are from the 40s because they were certainly typical items from that time period.

These are just a few of things I saw.  You can buy children's and adults clothing, tools, kitchenalia by the "ton".  And pretty much anything else you can imagine. And there is almost always a kitchen type set up for coffee, sodas and snacks.

It is always fun to look for things you have never seen before.  Do you have a favorite thing to look for at a flea market?

Come back again on Tuesday for Tea Cup Tuesday.  I have already started planning what I will be showing.