Friday, May 23, 2014

Shopping Fun

This time of year allows my husband and I to do lots of yard saling, attend flea markets and in general, have fun shopping for ourselves and for the shop.

As a result of that, some visitors from out of town, and   in addition to shop hours and such, I don't have much time for crafting, quilting or other fun things like that.  But I don't mind cause I love the "hunt."

 I managed to find some good stuff on my last few outings.

Just a couple of pictures to share.  Some is for keeping, some is for selling.  I love the "grungy", shabby chic look for some things.  And of course the pretty floral for tea parties.  This week it was the former that I found.   I have a project planned for that light fixture.  I will share it with you later.

This second picture shows a cabinet door I found with very "chippy paint.It is now holding a wreath I made awhile back. The wreath is a grape vine and has lot of bows, stars and hearts with buttons. All made from homespun.  I know I will keep this one.  Now, where should I hang it???

Monday, May 19, 2014

A simple child's tea party

I was out in my antique shop doing some cleaning and straightening and came across this little child's tea set that I had almost forgotten about.  I will have to put it out where someone can see it better.  I can't believe it hasn't been snapped up.  It is by no means in perfect shape as it was no doubt played with and loved by it's young owner.  But it is still useful and so cute.

ANYWAY....  I decided I would make up a simple child's tea party for this week's Tea Cup Tuesday post.   So here it is.
     This set was probably made right after WWII and the pattern was very similar to a very popular, at the time, grownup dish pattern called Golden Wheat by Homer Laughlin.  I don't have any at the moment or I would show you.

I even found a pretty little doily that fit right under the plate with the cake.

And here are closeups of the various pieces........

 And finally the mark.

My final picture today is sort of an update on the post I did this past Friday about the Robin's nest in my Rhododendron.   The night and day after I took the pictures of the nest we have a pretty bad rain storm and I was worried about the little family.  But I peeked through the window of my enclosed porch was able to take a picture of the the momma the next day when it was sunny and nice.  I was very relieved to see her there.

Thanks for joining me for tea today and hope you visit all the other Tea Time blogs as well.

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