Friday, February 17, 2012

Decluttering and stuff

Here I am doing the decluttering report thing again.  If you aren't interested, don't read.  I must admit I am just doing it since I promised myself I would and it is a good way to make myself not forget to do it!

Only a quick note today on the decluttering front.  We recently purchased a new couch and loveseat...  So out with the old!  It will go to the Salvation Army later today.  It doesn't count since we are replacing the pieces... however.... as we were cleaning out getting ready for the switch we found several things that are going!!!!!
We got rid of a VCR that hasn't been used in ages..  off to recycling, several phone cords, a phone that we don't use any more, a cat scratcher thing our cats now ignore, and three books.  So not too bad for the week.
7 items (counting the phone cords as 1)
So I am now up to 131 items total, just 235 items to go.  It seems like a lot to go but since we aren't even finished with Feb. yet I think it sounds pretty good.

We haven't really had much winter but occasionally we get a dusting of snow.  That is what you can see through my window, behind these pretty bottles. 
Needless to say the snow is GONE now and it is about 45 degrees outside.  It feels like Spring and the bulbs I showed you last week have come up another inch or so.
I was going through my fabric stash and also my pattern pile and found pattern to make "tomatoes" so I did and filled a basket I had just sitting empty.  It seems strange to start off the post with decluttering and end with addition of more stuff.  But the fabric, stuffing and basket were all things I had in my craft room.  Now I can enjoy them for awhile before I move them out.  And they look fun in my kitchen until I can bring in summer fresh produce.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday. Second Tuesday in February

Wow Tea Cup Tuesday came up fast again.  I don't know where time is going but it is moving  too fast for me.

                                                              ALSO: Rose Chintz Cottage

 This week I have chosen to show you a new tea book, well new to me anyway.  My husband found this at Recycling yesterday and brought it to me knowing I would love it!  It is a book from 1995 that is loaded with useful information about Herbal Teas.  Now I admit I don't often use herbal teas.  But it is still a pretty book. And lots of yummy recipes for scones and breads etc.  The cover itself grabs me as it features Blue Willow China, my favorite AND pansies, my favorite flower!

Since it shows Blue Williow I decided to feature a Blue Willow teacup for this Tea Cup Tuesday.  I have many because I am a collector of all things Blue Willow.  Someday I will do a blog about that collection.  But meanwhile here is the Cup and Saucer I chose for today.  It is quite old, I know because it was made in Occupied Japan. (The US occupied Japan from 1947 ti 1952)  I tried to get a picture of the back stamp but my camera would NOT cooperate so you will have to take my word for it.

It is almost a cobalt blue, or maybe it is I don't know.  But the blue is very intense!
I like the fact that it has the big design  inside the cup as well
I think, in this final picture you can see how intense the bloe color is.
Now, what shall I choose for next weeks cup and saucer........................