Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making PaperTape

A few days ago I mentioned a tutorial I had found on line telling about making paper tape.  In order to do it myself I had to order some adhesive paper which finally arrived.

Today I set about to try it out.  The nice thing is I will be able to make it up any time I like.  I can also use fabrics and ribbons to do the same.  It is especially nice now that I am working on various art type journals.

This is the scrapbook paper I used for my first attempt.  I chose it cause it had stripes and there for would be easy to cut and use.
 And here is one of the sheets of paper I will use for the journal with the tape joining two different papers. The tape is pink.
By the way the blue flowered fabric is my ironing board cover, not a part of the project.  (LOL)

Paper I used was a little stiff so it didn't wrap well around a spool like I would have like.  But it sure works well on the paper which of course is its actual purpose.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

Here I am again on Tea Cup Tuesday.  Be sure to visit the other sites after you visit me.
(Just click here...  to go to the site that has the list of those participating.)

Here are pictures of the two tea cups and saucers I bought at the flea market this weekend.  They are decorated wth violets which are my favorite flower.  When I was in my college they were my sorority's flower so have double reason to love them.

My sorority was founded in Maine and I lived there for many years.   Violets grow wild there in spring time.  Happily, when I moved to Pennsylvania I found more.  My back yard is filled with them in the spring time.

Here are the two sets I bought.  The first one has no name on the bottom so probably was made in Japan, maybe in the 40s or 50s, and it is just missing the sticker.  It is a dainty size with a nice edge.

The second one was made in Japan for sure as you can see from the label on the bottom.  It is such an unusual shape and almost demi-tasse size and of course covered with sprays of violets.  Just had to buy it.

Now I normally just buy bone china cups and saucers but for some reason I was really drawn to these two.
I will have them on display just as soon as I decide where to put them.

So what do you think of the teacups and saucers I chose this week.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What I found when cleaning up my studio

You never know what you will come across when you work on cleaning up an art space!  I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of home made papers and projects I had made a number of years ago.  When we lived in Maine one of interests was making homemade papers.  I was quite gung-ho for awhile and even got involved in a few swaps.  But as with a number of my interests once I have learned to do it, I am off on something else.
Amongst the homemade papers i found these few little projects I had made using paper and some pressed items from my gardens.  I think I will probably use them in my new FTB garden journal.  They should add an interesting contrast to the other papers I will be using.

If you click on the picture it will get larger and you can see some of the details better. There are dried daisies, pansies and something else I don't remember.  And a lot of the paper was made using inclusions of dried herbs from my garden.

An aside to this story:

One day a friend of mine and I decided to make some paper using cat tails and didn't realize we shouldn't "cook" the stalks in the house. (Cooking is how you can make them "mushy" enought to press into paper.   My dear, normally patient, husband was not at all pleased! The smell was awful.  Since I didn't have a good place to cook outside I sort of changed my way of making paper and didn't do so much anymore.  Here is a picture of a bit of cat tail paper that I still have left.
It isn't very pretty is it. I suppose it would look interesting as a layer of a project.  I may end of using it in the journal and tell this story again.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Day, Another Flea Market

We went to a local flea market today and found quite a bit to buy for the antique shop.  I saw some teacups and took a couple of pictures.  After looking closer I ended up buying two.  You will have to check back on Tuesday when I show which ones I bought on my Tea Cup Tuesday blog.

I found some "crafting stuff" too. A pile of pearl like beads for the snowmen, some porcelain knobs for heads of the dress forms and this wonderful book to use to make a journal.The cover is from a book about taxes or such in Pennsylvania, from 1904.  BUT....  the inside of the book it self was a mess. The covers and inside lining pages are wonderful.  The inside pages of the book goes into my pile of papers for possible use later.  Here is a picture.  Isn't it beautiful.  Or rather it will be.

Yesterday I worked on my FTB journal, the one I showed a day or two ago.  I plan to make 5 signatures for the journal and I have 3 1/2 done.    Here is a picture of the first signatures, probably a bit confusing to those not taking the class.  It is hard to show the "insides of the signatures by doing other than just spreading them out.  You will notice that the papers should go nicely with my idea of using the journal as a record of my backyard garden and flowers from elsewhere.

I will be interested in hearing your comments.