Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow and more snow

I am continuing on today with some blue and white china from my collection.  This is from the Liberty Blue Collection which was given out in grocery stores in about 1975.  I was not living in the continental US at that time but was living in Puerto Rico where my husband was stationed with the Navy.  So I didn't get in on it until later.   

I found the following quote on line about the china........... It was at a site that sells a book about Liberty Blue.
"Blue and white ironstone dinnerware has been collected for many years, and the introduction of the Liberty Blue pattern in 1975 by Enoch Wedgwood of England, with its fifteen different historic scenes of colonial America, brought forth keen interest. Here the Old North Church, Minutemen, West Point, Independence Hall, Mount Vernon, and many more historic sites are shown. The Liberty Blue promotion coincided with America's Bicentennial celebrations, causing more people to become interested in owning a set for themselves." 
 Each piece, or in this case, a set, features a scene from American History.  This one was the Ride of Paul Revere.  I have most of the set and will feature others at another time.
 It is a really nice collection to have if you like Blue and White China.

 And then there was the SNOW.......................

 For the past week all the weather men in our area were reporting on the big blizzard that might be heading our way.  Well, I wouldn't call what we got a "blizzard" because there wasn't much wind... at least not yet.  The snowing has stopped and we got a lot, at least a foot I think.  My hubby and our neighbors had the "fun" of going out and "playing" in it.  We have had many worse storms while living in Maine so it wasn't that big a deal.  But for many folks that live in our area it was Big.  It is all in what you are used to I think.... AND it is January!!!!!
  I stayed inside and made soup (from scratch) and I baked. I did cheat a bit  and made brownies from a Betty Crocker Mix but they were Good!  And the soup was too.

Now we wait for all the snow to melt again.  It will take a bit longer than the last little one we got.

I hope you will all visit me again next week.  You just never know what I will be showing.  Or talking about.  Or if we have had another "adventure."

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Hope you will visit them too.