Saturday, March 5, 2011

Off to a quilting class

This morning I will be going to my local quilt shop to take a class.  The picture below shows the pattern and the selected fabric.  This is a new technique using a special kind of interfacing.  That is all I know at the moment.  I will be making a wall hanging.  Tomorrow I will show you the results. Or at least how far I have gotten.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Books, Books and more Books

If you know me very well you know I love books.  I love to read.  I also like books about things I am interested in.  At the moment I seem to be adding books about quilting and paper arts.  And always new cookbooks.

I obtain books everywhere.  I get them from Library, borrowing or buying from their book sales. I get them from yard sales, flea markets, regular bookstores, places on line. AND I trade or accept gifts of books.

In our house in Maine every time we re-did a room we made sure to add bookshelves.  In this house we haven't so many places to put bookshelves.  HOWEVER that hasn't stopped me.  In one of our walk in closets we added thin shelves and that is where I store a lot of books.  In the remodeled kitchen we made sure there was a good sized bookcase.

These are all cookbooks!

And when all else fails I find places to get rid of them.  I take a lot every summer to a local flea market where I trade them for credit to buy more books.  Also I put books out in my antique shop and fortunately some of my customers find they need to buy them!

So now I have discovered Paper Back Swap on line. You list the books you are willing to trade, people ask for them.  You send them and you get credits to get some for yourself.  It isn't the cheapest thing because you have to pay for the postage to send the books.  But the ones you get back are sent free AND media mail isn't too expensive.

So I have listed quite a few books and am having success, people want my books.  And I have already ordered and received some in return.  It is fun actually and except for having to go to the post office to mail them, not so bad.

Speaking of Post Offices, our little local post office just closed.  I loved going there.  It was just up the road, no parking problems and easy in and out.  Now I have to go down town, worry about a place to park, which I have to pay for,  and then wait in line inside.   I am presently not a happy camper about that.

But back to the mailing, here is today's load of outgoing books.  They provide you with the pdf to print out with address etc.  You just wrap and mail.
 Almost all of our snow is gone except a couple of places in deep shade.  So I went out to check out the daffodils.  There are three clumps of them in one of our beds that are doing nicely.  Looking forward to seeing their cheery yellow faces.  Here is one closeup.

       While I was out looking at my gardens to see if anything else was happening I found some Sedum just starting.

     And when I checked on my azalea bushes I found a few blossoms.  They have quite a ways to go but these are all hopeful signs of spring.

Hope to have more spring like pictures soon.