Monday, August 27, 2012

The final Tea Cup Tuesday in August

We have been back from our travels for awhile and things are getting back to normal.  I hope, over the next few weeks, to show some of the tea cups I bought on my trip.  Almost all were purchased at the flea market in Sussex, New Brunswick.  That is a wonderful place to find almost any tea cup you want as I showed you last week.

To begin with I will show you a Canadian Pillow I found in a group shop in Maine....  Maine and New Brunswick are close and the people are as well so it is never a surprise to find things like this.  I thought I would show it just to put you in the mood.
I also wanted to show you a little plate I found with the British Columbia tartan.  I don't know what i will do with it but it is a perfect size.  I also am showing some silver plate my husband found.  It is the pattern his mother used when he was growing up.  We are working on a full collection of it. This is a sugar spoon, a jelly server and a cranberry server.

And now to the cup and saucer of the week.  This cup and saucer is made my Regency Bone China. I haven't been able to find out too much about the company but did read that it was formed in 1953.  So it isn't an old company.  But this particular pattern is definitely of an older looking design, whether or not it is.

The pattern has no name that I can find but is obviously Lily of the Valley.
 This second picture looks a bit washed out compared to the actual cup and saucer which is more like the picture above but I wanted you to see the inside of the cup as well.

This is the second lily of the valley tea cup I own. The other on is from Royal Dover China.
    My mother in law loved this flower so the design is special to me.  

I have seen another lily of the valley set by Regency but it has the new mark. And it's pattern  looks different from this one so it is not a copy.  This one is the older mark.  The newer mark has a picture of a man in blue.
I hope you enjoyed seeing this cup and saucer.  I think it one of the favorites that I picked up this trip. Thanks for stopping by today.

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