Thursday, January 9, 2014

Flowers in January

Back again to report on my progress on the Fellowship of Flowers.  I am loving this project.  After I finished the one last week I collected materials up to start on this week as soon as I knew for sure which one we would be doing.
I thought I would get it done yesterday but had unexpected company so am behind.  I now hope to work on it and get it finished by the weekend.

Meanwhile here is the first part, unembellished. 
   And I am also showing it next to the one I did last week so you can see the direction I am heading.

On Tea Cup Tuesday this week I showed the Memory Lane china by Royal Ironstone.  I was checking some the other blogs I follow and discovered this entry from Sweet Bee Cottage .  She was using the plates from the set for her Christmas Table.

While looking out the back window this afternoon I noticed there was a large group of cardinals around the bird feeder... Both Mr. and Mrs.   

 If you look closely in the upper middle section  you will see a woodpecker of some type eating suet, and Cardinals and a Squirrel joining in the fun.

 I love watching the birds in the winter.  Especially the Cardinals.  They seem to have really bright coats this time of year.  Or maybe cause it is otherwise so dreary.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday Again

I am back again with posts for Tea Cup Tuesday and hope to stick with it better this time.   Last year just got to be too much.  But I really want to participate in this so here I am.

Yesterday was quiet in my shop since the weather was going down hill rapidly so I decided to set up a little tea party vignette on one of my trays.   

  This is from a set of china I have for sale in the shop.  It
 This set is from the  Royal China Inc. Sebring Ohio.  The set is 1965 Royal Ironstone "Memory Lane."  So while not real old it is definitely vintage!

 I chose to show you the cup and saucer,  a snack plate and the sugar and creamer.  I think the red and white seems quite cheerful in this cold wintry time.

Through all of this I have been drinking a lot of tea, Earl Grey Vanille  (a special kind from Tetley) It is very soothing.  I have not been able to find this particular one in the US so always bring back a supply after we have visited New Brunswick.

You will notice I showed two tins, one side is in English, the other side is in English.  It is always that way in New Brunswick.

So I hope you will check in with the other Tea Cup Tuesday folks at the following sites.....  And come back here to visit again.  I am trying to post at least twice a week now. Once for Tea Cup Tuesday and another day for my crafting and quilting exploits.

Rose Chintz Cottage