Friday, September 28, 2007

My little cottage begins landscaping.

I have finished adding the windows and doors and I have started working on the landscaping of my little cottage. So far it is going VERY SLOW. Making all those tiny little stones and working them into a stone wall and sidewalk. I am really only about half way done. But at least it is on its way. I still have to finish up painting the chimney but I will work on that when I am painting the stone walls. I have learned so many new techniques making this little house. Slowly but surely seems to be getting the job done.


The Oz said...

wow excellent work. Noni The Oz GSOLFOT

goddess of chaos, GSOLFOT said...

Your little cottage is delightful! In fact, inspiring is the operative here. Something else for me to consider for future work in QS!
Hugs, Jacqui, Goddess of Chaos, CSOLFOT

Peggy said...

I love your cottage and the beginings of the landscaping. Wonderful