Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ice Storm 1998

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Ten years ago this month, while we were living in Maine, a terrible ice storm came through. We ended up going without electricity for 9 days. Thanks to our sort of pioneer spirit we had a lovely wood boiler furnace and an antique gas and wood cookstove we had heat and could cook But no electricity meant our water pump didn't work and no tv, computer or lights. We had a lot of kerosene lamps so we could see at night and a portable radio let us be part of the world. Our phone lines came down but my husband could fix that.

It was an interesting experiment. We didn't have a terrible time but realized we like living in the modern world. We rejoiced when we could have our first shower and didn't have to melt ice to get water for the toilets.

We ate well because we had to quickly use up everything in the freezer... It was cold out but not enough to keep the food.

I am putting up some pictures of that ice storm. It was a beautiful scene......... but.......... a lot of work to get life back to normal.

This was not an experiment I wish to repeat.

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amc said...

I'm glad I wasn't living there at the time! Good thing you had heat and could cook... and good thing dad was handy with a chainsaw!!